Dear members of the Greek Parliament,

As an American of Greek descent I was shocked and dismayed to
learn of your intent to remove references to the word "Genocide" from a
parliamentary law; A law that has already recognized the genocide of the
Asia minor Greek population by the Turkish state during the early part of the
20th century.
Turkey is a state that has trampled on the political rights of
its citizens and has massacred untold numbers of innocent Greeks, Armenians,
Assyrians, and Khurds whithin its borders.
As an American I was disgusted when the U.S. congress bowed to
outright threats from Turkey and failed to confirm the genocide of the
Armenians by the Turkish state. It is inconceivable that Greece would bow
to "Outside" political pressure and deny the documneted existence of genocide
of Greeks by Turkey in Asia Minor in the early 20th century.
For nations to proceed toward freedom and democracy in the 21st
century they must come to grips with the past and admit their mistakes. To
deny such events only forces the Turkish state to continue on the path of
repression and lies.
Greece is a nation steeped in a history of political courage
and sacrifice. The very existence of a modern Greek state after 400 years of
ottoman slavery proves the enduranceof the Greek. To reconsider this law is
ill-advised and immoral. For the sake of all those innocent Greek souls
Greece must not forget and Turkey must remember. The world is watching.

Thank you

James W. Nicklas MD
Chicago, IL