Armenian Atrocities
Ghastly Stories
Greek Women Tortured

Ghastly details of the massacres of Armenians by the Turks in Asia Minor have been received in Athens.

At Marsivan 600 Armenians were accused of having concealed arms. They were marched outside the town,
where they were offered to give up their arms, which they had retained in self-defence. While a small party
was allowed to return to show where the arms were concealed, the remainder were massacred.

Several Greeks in Marsivan were compelled to dig a trench as a grave before they were shot. Greek women
were given the alternatives of embracing Islam religion or death. They refused to change their
religion. Their lives were spared, but they were left to the mercy of the soldiers, being compelled to
accompany the troops an a long march. Some fell exhausted, and were abandoned with their babies. A
German orphanage sent an ambulance to rescue the survivors who were lying along the roadsides.

Owing to the discovery of bombs at Marsivan, thousands of innocents have been tortured throughout Armenia,
with a view to forcing them to give up the explosives. 
Twenty men were beaten to death at Bardesagh and nameless tortures were inflicted on Armenians at

The Argus
3 August 1915

The same article with only minor changes but different titles were also printed, on the same day, by The Age
(Melbourne), The Sydney Morning Herald (New South Wales), The Brisbane Courier (Queensland), The
Mercury (Tasmania) and The Register-Adelaide (South Australia).