Who's the lunatic behind all this?


My name is Angelos Kanlis and I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland. You must be wondering what an electrical engineer has to do with linguistics. Well, I always had some interest in what is commonly known as "classical studies". Ancient Greek Literature and History were among my favorite courses in High School. Linguistics is kind of a hobby of mine.

How did I come up with the idea of writing these pages? Looking for information on foreign languages on the Internet I ran into various Linguistic Pages. I could find information on most languages, but there was nothing about Greek on the Internet. At the same time, I met people that where interested in learning a few things about my language and my country. And then it strikes me! Why not write down all the things that I was telling my friends about Greek and put it on the Net? So, here it is.

Initially, I only wanted to write an introduction to the Greek language and some simple expressions; just the basic stuff. But then I received e-mail from people that read these pages and wanted more details. What surprised me was that most people that wrote to me thought that I'm writing Greek Lessons, although this was never my intention. Anyway, I promise that I'm gonna add more on the Greek language every week. I will even include some introductory "lessons". But this is going to take some time to put together. After all, I have to work on my thesis as well!



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