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Internet Starting Points

Virtual World Map   Timex World Time


Best of Web '94  . .  CERN's Virtual Library

 Charm  CUI W3 Catalog

Yellow Pages | YAHOO at Stanford | Scott YANOFF's indexes | NandOnet at NC.

Computer stuff

Need a computer term? Find it in the Computing Dictionary.

Archie search for files to ftp.

Mothers of all Archives:  and ftp server at Wuarchive.

Linux Home_Page  . .  UNIXhelp for Users.

 Everything about CD-ROMs.

The Nando Times latest computer info & Tech reports.

Internet Surfing Viewers, html, httpd, etc.

 . .

 CERN's httpd 3.0 Guide for Release.

 Multi Language Mosaic.

NCSA's httpd server setup and Mosaic Docs.

Statistics for WWW servers.

Universities around the World.

Internet centers in Greece:
  • U of Athens | Aristotle U of Thessaloniki
  •  FOundation for Research and Technology
  •  Dimocrition U of Thrace

    UCL - University College London.

     Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Magazines Online


    Planet Earth  . . World Travel info.

    Metaverse  . .  Music Web, and Music Land at UMD.

     . . .  Interactive Games etc.

     U.S. Navy online.

     and more sports  .

    Your Biorhythm.

    Financial Stuff:

    Dow Jones Industrial Average real time and historical graphs.

    Security APL  Home, and  Portfolio mgr.

    Stock Market Data Bank  . .  FINWeb

     NASDAQ Financial Executive Journal

    Yahoo's Economy: Markets/Investments

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