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Dr. Dimitrios Dentsoras

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Curriculum Vitae

445 University College

University of Manitoba

Tel.: 204 475 2276

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2


Princeton University, Ph.D. in Philosophy (Program in Classical


Sept. 2006

Middlebury College, B.A. Salutatorian, Summa cum laude in

Philosophy, Political Science and Italian

May 1999

Additional Study

Princeton University, French Summer School

Summer 2003

Goethe Institute in Frankfurt, Summer Course

Summer 2001

Princeton University, Latin Summer School

Summer 2000

Middlebury College School in Florence, Italy

Spring 1998

Areas of Specialization

Ethics (History of Ethics, Normative Ethics, Moral Psychology)

Ancient Philosophy

Areas of Competence

Political Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy,

Nietzsche, Aesthetics


Virtue, Knowledge, and Happiness: Stoic Moral Theory and its Socratic and Platonic Antecedents’

Dissertation Advisor: J. M. Cooper

Sept. 2006

Articles and Reviews

Review of Live van Hoof, Plutarch’s Practical Ethics, Journal of the History of Philosophy 49.3 (2011), 372–373.

‘Paul’s Letter to the Philippians and the Stoic Theory of Agreement with Divine Reason’ Proceedings of Second International Balkan Historical Studies Conference (Kavala, Greece: 2009) 277-288.

Review of Margaret Graver, Stoicism and Emotion, Rhizai VI.2 (2009), 241–247 .


‘Seneca and the Old Stoics on Natural Law and Suicide’ Maritain Studies 24 (2008): 35-56.



Review of Terence Irwin, The Development of Ethics, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, July 2008


Presented papers

‘Citizens and the State in Antiquity and Today:

The case of Socrates’

Manitoba Hellenic Professionals Association

Spring 2012

‘Physics and Logic as Virtues’’

University of Sussex, UK

Summer 2011

‘The Birth of Supererogation’

University of Dublin, Ireland

Summer 2010

‘Wisdom’s Content in Plato and Stoicism’

University of East Anglia, UK; University of Manitoba, Canada

Spring, Summer 2009

‘The Craft Model of Virtue and in Plato’s Euthydemus and Stoicism’

University of Aberdeen, UK; University of Alberta, Canada

Summer, Fall 2008

‘Seneca and the Old Stoics on Suicide’

Dominican College, Canada; University of Manitoba, Canada

Fall 2007,

‘The Stoics on Virtue’s Sufficiency for Happiness: the Argument from Natural Theology’

University of Manitoba, Canada; George Washington University, USA;

Marquette University, USA; Portland State University, USA

Spring 2007

‘The Craft Model of Virtue and Virtue’s Sufficiency for Happiness in Plato’s Euthydemus and Stoicism’

Oxford University, UK

Fall 2006

‘Paul’s Letter to the Philippians and the Stoic View of the Good as Agreement with Nature’

2nd International Conference of Balkan and Historical Studies,

Kavala, Greece

Fall 2005

‘Is Virtue All You Need to Be Happy? Virtue and Happiness

in Plato’s Apology and Euthydemus

American College of Thessaloniki, Greece

Spring 2005

‘Socrates and the Stoics on Virtue and Knowledge’

Carleton College, MN

Spring 2004

‘Virtue as Knowledge’

Princeton University, NJ

Fall 2003

‘The Concepts of Kathêkon and Katorthôma in Cicero’s De finibus

Princeton University Ancient Philosophy Society

Fall 2002

Commentator on papers on Stoic Physics, Aristotle’s De Anima, and

Aristotle’s Categories

Princeton – Rutgers Graduate Philosophy Conference

2000, 2001, 2003

Current research projects

‘Virtue and Proper Use in Plato’s Euthydemus and Stoicism’

‘The Stoics on Virtue’s Unity and Content’

‘The Birth of Supererogation’

Honors and Awards

Princeton University, P.E. More Fellowship

1999 – 2004

Princeton University, J.F. Costopoulos Prize in Hellenic Studies

1999 – 2004

Princeton University, Committee for European Studies Summer Grant

Summer 2001

Princeton University, Council on Regional Studies Summer Grant

Summer 2000

Middlebury College, George H. Catlin Fund

May 1999

Middlebury College, John T. Andrews Prize in Philosophy

May 1999

Phi Beta Kappa, in junior year

Sept. 1998


Courses taught at the University of Manitoba:

PHIL 1200: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2630: Continental Rationalism

PHIL 2650: Plato

PHIL 2660: Aristotle

PHIL 4520: Historical Topics Graduate Seminars: Hellenistic Ethics,

Ancient Epistemology, Ancient Theories of the Soul, Socrates

AYs 2007 – 2012

Courses taught at the American College of Thessaloniki:

PHIL 203: Introduction to Ethics

Spring 2005

PHIL 199: History of Ancient Greek Philosophy

Fall 2004

Assistant in Instruction at Princeton University:

PHI 204: Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

Instructor: Bas van Fraassen

Fall 2001

PHI 200: Philosophy and the Modern Mind

Instructor: Harry Frankfurt

Spring 2001

PHI 203: Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology

Instructor: Bas van Fraassen

Fall 2000

Other Professional Responsibilities and Memberships

Reviewer for Oxford University Press Canada, Dialogue, Journal of the History of Ideas

Refereed papers for CPA and WCPA conferences

Member of Canadian Philosophical Association, American Philosophical Association, Aristotelian Society, Ancient Philosophy Society


Greek (ancient and modern), Latin, German, Italian, reading knowledge of French

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