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Horton and Sakopoulos

Nikolaos Sakopoulos, born in Milos, was the father in law of George Horton. In 1909, Horton married the daughter of Sakkopoulos - Aikaterini.

From this marriage Nancy Horton was born - presently ( 2008) living in Greece.

The father of Nikolaos Sakopoulos, born in Syfnos on Septermber 13, 1790, was a pilot aboard the navy ships of France.

On May 13, Mr. Simos Milt. Symewnidis informed us about the name SAKOPOULOS the following.

1.- The known information at Sifnos-Milos about Sakopoulos are very few.

2.- At the book"Istoria tis Mhlou" by Gr. Mpelivanaki, Athens 2002, page 347 is mentioned only that "George Sakopoulos - Pilot on French ship". He collected this information from another writer, Mr. Zafeirion Baio and his book is "Selides of 1821 apo tin Milo kai tois Kyklades" Athens 1972.

3.- George Pagonis mentions nothing about Sakopoulos at his book "Oi Milioi Pilotoi".

4.- We know that Nikolaos Georgiou Sakopoulos was a student of a Greek School at Milos the year 1829 (Grig. Mpelivanakis, "Istoria tis Milou" page 394.)

5.- The year 1934 is reported that there was a nun at a women' monastery of Sifnos, Agiou Iwannou Theologou (Mogkou) by the name Swfronia Sakopoulou. The Monastery gave her a wineyard to work with at the place "Agia Barvara".
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