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To My Wife

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To My Wife

"The way is long, my Dearie."I said,

"that I must fare,

"tis a dusty road and weary, with

no comfort anywhere"

But you answered, speaking softly, and your

smile was sweet to see:

"if it's good enough for you,it is good enough

for me"

You heard the cannon roaring, at beleaguered


You watched the hell birds soaring, and heard

the missiles shriek.

You came along when submarines were lurking

'neath the sea--

"If it's safe enough for you, it is safe enough

for me!"

You' re the proud heroic daughter of an old
heroic race,
And you stayed through fire and slaughter in a
pestilential place

And at Smyrna, martyred Smyrna, when the

hideous Turk came down,

to give courage to your sisters, you refused to

quit town.

Oh, the way was hard, my Dearie, that I was

forced to go,

But if ever you were weary, why, you didn't let

me know.

You're a gentle little lady, very sweet and very


But you're clean grit to the narrow, and by

God, you stuck it through !

Poems on an Exile by George Horton 1931

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