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Sun 11/11/08

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November 11, 2008

The following letter is intended to convey our profound disappointment that the Sun carried the recent statements by Jeremy Clarkson denigrating Greek women and referring to Greece as a "toilet". The ultimate victim of such outrageous statements is The Sun and its reputation, along with its readers who doubtlessly expect a higher degree of class, dignity and professionalism from its journalists, but who have been insulted by being served the childish ravings of an inarticulate boor. We believe there is much to admire about British intellectuals from where the philhellenic tradition from the great Lord Byron up to David Lloyd George, Christopher Montgomery Woodhouse, and Christopher Hitchens runs strong.
We believe Britain, its people, and its journalists are far better than the example of Mr. Clarkson would indicate. Hellenes throughout the world whether in Greece, Cyprus, or the diaspora believe that Mr. Clarkson is irrelevant to us, as are all small minded bigots and ignoramuses. The achievements and accomplishments of Hellenism throughout history ranging from the Classical period up to the modern period are well known and appreciated by educated and sophisticated people who are able to conjure up and articulate thoughts and ideas without denigrating themselves through their own small mindedness and ignorance.
Jeremy Clarkson racist "Greece is a toilet" comments

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Greek Londoner's are incensed at a recent article by Jeremy Clarkson in The Sun in which he describes Greece as a toilet, is this the last outrage to get Clarkson the boot?

By John Kaponi

The BBC Top Gear and Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson has angered the Greek population of the United Kingdom with racist and insensitive comments made in his weekly newspaper column in the Saturday edition of The Sun, were describes Greece as a "toilet".

In an article "Holiday ad cuts a'tache" Clarkson refers to a recent campaign by the Greek National Tourist board in London, were a women is pictured with Clarkson referring  "and a girl who didn’t look all that Greek either.  She didn’t have a moustache for instance".

Clarkson referred recently to lorry drivers murdering prostitutes and was given a warning by the BBC, but to insult an entire nation in this manner is way off the mark.

The London Daily News has formally written to the editor of The Sun and a formal complaint is being made to the Press Complaints Commission which has strict guidelines over accuracy:

"i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.

iii) The Press, whilst free to be partisan, must distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and fact."

Had these comments been made about Muslims or African-Caribbean’s there would have been calls for Clarkson immediate dismissal in any case The Sun has not made any remedy to date.

The London Daily News calls for Clarkson to be sacked from The Sun for making these comments.
photo credit: BBC website
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