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Mr Martis addressing Mr. Kerim 7/23/07

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Nikolaos Martis
Former Hellenic Government Minister
In a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, I denounced as improper and offensive the act of the newly elected President of the UN General Assembly, Mr Kerim, who sent a letter of thanks to all the members of the U.N., using the unacceptable logotype «Democracy of Macedonia», although the U.N. calls this democracy «FYROM» and continually endeavours to find a solution, with regard to the name of the Skopjan state, in order to secure peace in the region.
Among other things, I wrote the following to the UN Secretary General. The historical truth about Macedonia was also confirmed by the League of Nations.
In 1922-1924, an exchange of populations took place in Macedonia. The Turks of Macedonia were exchanged with the Greeks of Asia Minor and Western Thrace, as well as the Bulgarians of Macedonia with the Greeks of Bulgaria. The President of the Commission of the League of Nations, who supervised the exchange, the renown American Henry Morgenthau, writes in his book «I was sent to Athens»: «Macedonia became a purely Greek area, following the departure of the Turks and the Bulgarians».
As confirmed by the UN, a war went on from 1946 to 1949, between the Greek National Army and the so called «Democratic Army», supported by the Northern Communist countries and aiming at the extraction of Macedonia. President Truman denounced this fact in Congress and received Approval of financial assistance (Truman Doctrine) to Greece and Turkey, to help them confront Soviet expansionist plans.
Following an appeal by the Greek Government at the UN, the «Balkan Commission» was formed in May 1948, which submitted a unanimous Report to the UN Secretary General, characterising the abduction of 28.000 children from Macedonia to communist countries, as an act of Genocide. The UN issued Resolution No 193, demanding the return of the children to Greece. An another UN resolution confirmed the assistance of our northern neighbours to the «Democratic Army»
Today there is a new fact that the UN should examine, so that historical truth would prevail, a prerequisite for not only Democracy, but also Peace in the region. This fact is the following: Macedonia was liberated in 1912 and due to wars (Balkan and World Wars I and II) very few excavations took place. Since 1974, however, Macedonia was excavated, under the supervision of the late President of Democracy, the Macedonian Constantine Karamanlis. In 1977, in addition to the discoveries at Dium, Pella and Aeanis by professor Manolis Andronikos, he also uncovered king Philip’s tomb in Vergina. A discovery, which was characterised as the archaeological discovery of the century.
Those who visited Macedonia corroborated immediately the historical truth about the identity of Macedonia and the Macedonians as Greeks. In this respect I only mention four statements of renown personalities.
a) The late French President of Democracy Mitterand said to journalists, when he visited Vergina in 1992: «I did not know about the excavations and I could not imagine that the stamp of Greece would be so strong here. I was deeply impressed as much by the cultural presence of ancient Macedonia, as by the simplicity of the monks of Holy Mountain Athos, who preserve the Byzantine civilisation for many centuries»
b) The late American journalist of «Washington Post» Schultzberger, in a letter he addressed to me, who had accompanied him on his visit to Pella and Vergina (page 111 of my book «The falsification of the History of Macedonia») writes the following: «Edessa was and continues to be a sheer delight. Now this glorious morning I have to leave for Yugoslavia, but I will leave a big part of my heart behind in Macedonia».
c) In 1988 the former Minister of Nationalities of Canada Mr Whiner stated, when he returned from Macedonia: «Macedonia is Greek».
d) In the same year (1988) the Minister of Nationalities of Australia Mr Gattman, stated on his return from Macedonia: «The poisonous positions of Yugoslavia in Australia are out of place»
In 1940-41 Greece fought alone against the Axis for 216 days, thus preventing the crush of the Soviet Army by Hitler, foiling his victory and causing instead the defeat of Germany. This led to the Victory of the Democratic peoples and, as a consequence, to the issue of Skopje.
I asked the UN Secretary General to form a special Committee, in which Mr Kerim and others the Secretary would like to select, as well as representatives of other countries, to visit:
a) The National Research Centre in Athens, where 5000 Greek inscriptions of Macedonia and 11.000 names of Macedonians have been collected and published in books.
b) Archaeological sites and Museums in Macedonia and Skopje. Mr Kerim may be asked to bring just one inscription with the so- called «Macedonian language»
Only this way will Skopjans be informed of the truth, so that peace could be preserved in the region.
Should the UN or the council for the EU expansion not intervene, the corroboration of the historical truth will be made by the revealing marbles themselves, on the instructions of International Courts, to which the Macedonians will be obliged to apply.
Former Hellenic Government Minister
President of «The Macedonian Hestia»
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