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George Sakopoulos

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George Sakopoulos
Born in Syfnos in September 13, 1790

George Sakopoulos was the father of Nikolaos Sakopoulos father of Aikaterini who maried George Horton in 1909.
According to George I. Filimon, Vice Consul at Cairo (Kairon Newspaper dated April 24, 1877), George Sakopoulos took part at the Battle of Navarino as pilot onboard the French ships. His Great Grand Daughter, Nancy Horton, confirms that during family conversation she had hear the same fact.

Based on this information, Hellenic Electronic Center wrote to the French Navy archives, via the military attache of France in Greece, requesting information about George Sakopoulos. The Archives of navy, were kind enough to send us the archives which are listed on the left site of this page..

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