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Accomplishments 2006

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Accomplishments for 2006

Here are the HEC accomplishments

in style and in verse

which you can read forward

but even in reverse.

The NY Times lied a lot

about the Turkish virtue

repeatedly to be exact

as Cyprus was no issue.

It was an issue for the HEC

who told them the details

setting the stage how we feel

that we won’t kiss their tails.

I truly wonder in my heart

who is the boss of Times

for having no qualms at all

disseminating lies.


From the other end of the world,

Australia my mate

Mikakos said it like it is

about the Pontos case.

Her clear voice sounded

and filled the upper chamber

she was sweet and adamant

she couldn’t have been much braver.

Bravo Jenny!


Kim Frost of Norwich Union

responded with grace

her Channel 5 sponsorship

was out of the race.

HEC’s pressure did it once more

with character and style

another case of success

was added to the file.


The unashamed Netherlands

chose to celebrate

the Cyprus Turkish invasion

with a volleyball game.

The northern part of Cyprus

they visited past summer

and smooched with the barbarians

in a “civilized” manner.

We told them how we feel

with passion and flare

illicit acts is certainly

something we cannot bear.


The British must be running poor

for through their channel five

tried to make some money

so they can stay alive.

Their cloudy heads decided

to sell some Cypriot soil

in unison with the Turks

who cares for the turmoil.

We really want to make a buck

we are the real blight

deep down in our pale hearts

we think of both alike.

The case has an ugly twist

for Mrs. Blair of Tony

was their law advisor

she knew it was phony.

HEC’s pressure came like a bolt

and mighty Zeus’ thunder

it seems the wily Brits

are gonna split asunder.


San Diego University

and pipsqueak Weber

time and again were asked

to stop from going further.

But they said, we cannot

the Turks to us are dear

who cares about Cyprus

our intention is clear.

They took their students to the north

to our Cypriot soil

to soil their hearts in the long run

and bring us to the boil.

HEC took the case higher

for the trustees to hear

hoping deep in our hearts

to see the case cleared.

If they don’t follow the law

us trying to no avail

we must push the case forth

for justice to prevail.

For that we need money

a lot of cash my dear

to push them into the wall

instead of having fear.


The Daily Mirror of the Brits

sounded the mighty bugle

hurry to northern Cyprus

don’t even use the google.

Go and mingle with the Turks

and get some real culture

who cares if in reality

they’re acting like a vulture.

Maybe, the poor Cypriots

are desperate and destitute

but we’re the Great Albion

the number one prostitute.

We do not care for values

not even god Himself

we utter His name forward

but mean it in reverse.

So go to northern Cyprus

and have a bit of fun

you are the real bayonet

the mighty British gun.

We wrote them letters with respect

we told them they are wrong

the immoral advertising

should be for ever stopped.


Travelocity we thank you

for pulling your support

your Ms. Peluso certainly

truly deserves a lot.

She showed sensitivity

and character with grace

her praxis gave us some strength

and we’ll win this race.

The ignoramus Mr. Bangs

will lose no matter what

Hellenic Macedonia

has roots in our heart.

His shallow depictions

and his Skopjean lies

will simply get him nowhere

contrary to the bribes.

Yahoo is next on our list

and letters have been written

their dirty advertising

must be asap forbidden.

So dear member give a bit

to fight to the end

your dollar and enthusiasm

are a tremendous blend.

You are a mighty entity

so please commit your fight

and make Hellenic values

to shine with your light.

Yahoo and others certainly

who lie with a smile

should be punished by the courts

for spreading out lies.


The government of current Greece

betrayed you and I

slowly, with a steady hand

it lit the Turkish light.

The tongue of the barbarians

who maimed our fathers

we now have to look upon

and to consider brothers.

We have to learn their language

Turkish, my dear Greek

tsoglani, alani and the rest

will be our souls’ prick.

We’ll feel it for eternity

for it will never settle

let’s tell our government

and show them our mettle.

We don’t want their language

we had enough already

it’s time to fight once more

so make sure you’re ready.

Bravo! To HEC for taking

the lead once more

we should all write to them

and knock on their door.

We should tell them to remove

the stupid law of theirs

we do not want the bloody Turks

meddling in our affairs.



Constantine Zygouris

Toronto, Canada

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