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Gateway to AHEPA Districts


The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association is the largest Greek heritage group in the world, and a major community service organization in North America. The AHEPA Family also includes a women's group, the Daughters of Penelope, and two youth groups, the Sons of Pericles and Maids of Athena.

The AHEPA Family's members are organized into more than 500 local chapters and 26 regional districts, each with elected leadership. Its joint U.S. and Canadian leadership is provided by its Supreme Lodge and a Board of Directors.

The central objectives of AHEPA are philanthropy, education, civics and the promotion of Hellenic culture and heritage through local, district and national efforts.

AHEPA also works to educate American policy makers and the public on foreign policy issues of concern to Greek Americans.

AHEPA has awarded millions of dollars in direct scholarships to more than two hundred thousand Greek American students over the past seventy years.

From 1995-96 AHEPA raised more than two million dollars in chapter, district, national, and foundation fundraising. Recent AHEPA national projects benefiting from the fundraising include the AHEPA TRIBUTE sculpture, which is now one of two major artworks permanently displayed in Atlanta in conjunction with the 1996 Olympics; the AHEPA Educational Foundation; major underwriting of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island restorations; and funding of medical research.


. Established July 26, 1922, in Atlanta, Georgia to battle the evils of bigotry spearheaded by the KKK.

· First President was Nicholas C. Chotas, an Atlanta businessman.

· First National Convention held in 1923 in Atlanta.

· Sons of Pericles established February 3, 1926.

· Daughters of Penelope established November 16, 1929.

· Maids of Athena established July5, 1930.

· U.S. War Bond Drive, World War II, raised $162 million.

· Late 1940s saw seven AHEPA Health Centers become operable, including the AHEPA Wing of the Evangelismos Hospital. In 1951, AHEPA Hospital at Thessaloniki dedicated.

· Completed AHEPA Hall for Boys, St. Basil's Academy, with $92,000 raised, in late 1950.

· AHEPA School Building, St. Basil's Academy, completed in 1962, $245,000 donated.

· In 1970, the AHEPA Athletic Program takes form. AHEPA Athletics include: softball, golf, bowling, basketball, with regional and national tournaments held annually. Each year, at the Supreme Convention, inductions are made into the AHEPA Hellenic Athletic Hall of Fame.

· In the mid 1970s the AHEPA Educational Foundation is formed. Over $1.6 million contributed to scholarship awards and endowment funds in 1996 at the local, district and national levels.

· AHEPA Cooley's Anemia Foundation established in the late 1970s to issue grants to medical researchers and doctors to discover a cure for this disease. The foundation issued grants in the amount of $90,000 in 1997.

· Dedication of three more AHEPA Hall for Boys, St. Basil's Academy, 1981, $1.5 million donated.

· AHEPA National Housing Corporation formed in 1983 to pursue housing projects from HUD. Today, HUD commitment to AHEPA National Housing Corporation has accumulated to $330 million. 44 projects are completed.

· Over $400,000 donated from 1986 to 1991 for Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Restoration.

· AHEPA Bone Marrow Registry established in late 1980s to help find donors for the bone marrow transplants.

· $775,000 raised for Tribute to Olympism Sculpture dedicated June 1996 in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park as a gift from Greek-Americans on the occasion of the Centennial Anniversary of the Olympic Games.

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