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The First Victory: Greece in the Second World War by George C. Blytas

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What is being said about The First Victory

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Historians are already looking forward to the forthcoming publication of The First Victory: Greece in the Second World War. Several educators have had a sneak peak at the manuscript, and the praise for the first-time author is rolling in. His book addresses a period of time when the world was in a state of upheaval, and his exhaustive research and thorough descriptions provide the reader with an in depth and detailed account of the role that Greece played in the Second World War.

The First Victory is now available. Information on how to obtain your copy is on the publisher's page.

  • “…he has brought to this narrative a breadth, a depth, and a balance that is so often missing…”
    -Robin Higham, Professor Emeritus of Military History, Kansas State University
  • “Each year, new books appear in bookstores which chronicle the exploits of men, units, or governments during World War II.  Seldom do authors take on the immense task of telling the story of an entire nation’s efforts to defend their territorial integrity, national sovereignty, and democratic principles against the neighboring Axis.”
    -Ron Milam, Assistant Professor of History at Texas Tech University
  • “…an evocative yet dispassionately written account that should appeal to readers interested not only in modern Greek history, but also the history of the Second World War as it evolved in Europe and the Mediterranean during a very critical period of that conflict.”
    - Alexander Kitroeff, Associate Professor of History at Haverford College.

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