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On November 4th, 1999, professor Eleftherios Botsas approached the Executive Council of the Hellenic Electronic Center and proposed the creation of a mailing list for Hellenic Professors and PhDs. Professor Botsas indicated that “having a list of Hellenic academicians can in itself become a source of pride for the Hellenic American community”. He also wrote, “some of us are professors but have no Ph.D. and some have Ph.D. but are researchers or other rather than professors”. Thus HEC expanded the idea and created the HEC project called “HEC Scholars*” for providing additional means of communication to Hellenic Professors and PhDs and other scholars.

Since then, the “HEC Scholars” idea has been evolved to a robust discussion “forum” (Hellenic Professors & PhDs) with approximately 5,000 subscribers, and a HEC Scholars website.

Many thanks to prof. Eleftherios Botsas, who is considered as the founder of the Hellenic Professors & PhDs forum.

Prior to the creation of this Forum, HEC has a long history for creating and maintaining discussion Lists. In fact, HEC sprung out of  a List (HELLAS), which was one of the first Lists in the Internet era. See a historical account of HELLAS & HEC.

[definition]: A person who has studied a subject for a long time and knows a lot about it: an intelligent and well-educated person who knows a particular subject very well.

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