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Dr. Tassos Anastasiades

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Tassos Anastasiades    Curriculum Vitae   28th year in education
DFES: RP 84/10889

Enthusiasm and passion is that ingredient of vitality mixed with a firm belief in what you are doing that ensures the success of any project you undertake. It’s about possessing ganas!  Leadership is not about the number of years spent doing a job, but accountability; taking calculated risks and working creatively to ensure that opportunities are secured for students to achieve their full potential. As teachers we are all leaders!

PO Box 4359
Al Khobar
Saudi Arabia     
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
00966 532 844 513

Educational Philosophy

Education is about providing an entitlement to learning to each individual, irrespective of background, ability or denomination.  It is about finding out what makes individuals tick.  It should be fun, motivating, stimulating, interesting, challenging and relevant. It should prepare students for the world of work and leisure.  It should address real life issues, health, relationships, how to deal with crisis situations. It should develop individuals academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically. It should inspire individuals to care for others and to do something about it!  In every individual there is potential: enormous potential. In each child there is a gift.  It is up to us as educators to nurture it to fruition by wakening it, by feeding it, by maximizing it, by finding and developing it.  All children have natural curiosity and are instinctive learners

We as teachers should be motivated and challenged by our work, with real enthusiasm and inspiration. On a personal basis, this is why I remain in education - I know that I can make a difference.


2008                Diploma in Small Business Financial Management                                      IAB

2005                National Professional Qualification for Headship                                       NCLS Nottingham

2001                Master of Business Administration                                                              University of Leicester
                        Educational Management

1997             Advanced Certificate in Educational Management                                   University of Leicester

1998                 MA Education                                                                                            University of Bath

1994                 TEFL Diploma                                                                         English Language Centre London

1984               PhD                                                                                Nottingham University

1978               BSc (Hons) Upper Second     
           Physiology Zoology                                                                   Portsmouth University 
Currently studying ESL in the Mainstream

Tassos Anastasiades           Page two

2007 to date   British International School of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
                                     Co-educational school for 650 students aged 3-18 years (from Sept 2010)

Principal - key responsibilities
Introduced GCSE in September 2008, presently introducing A level and IB
Management of building programme for extension of premises and staff accommodation
Led BISAK through CIS accreditation.
Curriculum review with emphasis on assessment and individualised learning and tracking of student achievement an attainment.
BSME Saudi Arabian Heads Saudi representative
Governance training and recruitment
Financial management  and member of the finance committee (Board)
Chair of a CIS visiting team in Dubai for Staff and Governance and Management.
Increased enrolment from 370 in 2007 to current 650
BSME accreditation (one of 4 pilot schools) with potential of DCSF recognition
Introduced ESL in the Mainstream to BISAK

2006 to 2007                    P.A. College in Larnaca, Cyprus  (University)

Senior Lecturer:  Strategic Management and Human Resource Management to 3rd/ 4th year Business Administration undergraduates, which included the supervision of final year degree students, and carrying out viva’s for dissertation

2004 to 2006 American Academy, Paphos / Senior School Nicosia, Cyprus
  Co-educational school for 230 students aged 3-16 years

  Principal with the brief for the development of the Secondary school as it was
                           a new venture

2002-2004   Woolston School, Southampton UK
  UK school for 700 students aged 3 – 16 years

  Head of Sciences, teaching Biology Chemistry and Physics to IGCSE
Key responsibilities included:
Managing the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Mentoring 4 NQTs
Led department through OFSTED  – a challenging school but reported as good!

2001-2002   Baobab College  Lusaka, Zambia
 Co-educational, international, school with 500 Zambian and expatriate pupils aged 3-19

Key responsibilities included:
Teaching Science and Biology in Secondary to A level
Recruitment of teaching and non teaching staff – local and overseas
Overall financial management
Created community links with local Zambian village schools
Led D of E Gold Exploration to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Member of Government committee which was examining the improvement of education in Zambian local schools, led by President Mwanawasa

Tassos Anastasiades                                                                                                           Page three

1999 - 2001  Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Co-educational, international, school with 1600 Malaysian and expatriate pupils aged 3-19

Head of Secondary
Leadership and management of 40 local and expatriate teaching staff
Curriculum Planning – feasibility study of IB
Introduced sixth form to GIS, now fully established – major achievement.
ECIS accreditation project leader
Duke of Edinburgh Award leader
1997-1999  American Academy Limassol, Cyprus
 Co-educational, school with 450 Cypriot and expatriate pupils aged 3-19

 Principal – responsibilities included:
The main emphasis was to introduce the UK National Curriculum at AA and review-learning styles from the more didactic style to more learner based teaching.
Duke of Edinburgh Award and Horse shoe Hike

1993-1997 St. Christopher’s School, Manama, Bahrain
 Co-educational, international, school with 1600 Bahraini and expatriate pupils aged 3-19
                           Head of Biology
               Organised inter Gulf conferences for INSET and teacher training for Science teachers
               Chair of School Development Process
               Led sixth form task group for introduction of sixth form – major achievement
               Chaired school development process.
               Introduced Duke of Edinburgh Award to the school

1986-1993 Rutland Sixth Form College                                                                                     UK
                          Head of Science, housemaster, multicultural education coordinator  
                           health education.  Organised first Focus on Health Exhibition in Leics.

1982-1986  Ashby Grammar School                                                                                             UK
                          Science teacher biology / chemistry


Biology and Science Team Leader (A level Examiner) for EDEXCEL First Aid and Mountain leadership certification


Personal: Date of birth: 10.01.1957. British – married, with one son (dependent - 17)  - two daughters  -  
                          independent. Wife is an Early Years / Reception teacher

Interests: Travel, outdoor activities, music and theatre, gym and healthy eating.



Tassos Anastasiades                                                                                                           Page four


Leadership and Management – especially through developing middle leaders (current Ed. D research)
Morale in education and motivational studies

Journal Publications (published)

Effective Management and Leadership in Cyprus Schools  (Cyprus International Journal of Management, Vol.11, No1, pp. 5-22, Autumn 2006)

Leadership and Management in Cyprus, (July 1999, Hermes Business Magazine )

Leadership in Cyprus and the value of Teamwork, (September 1999, Hermes Business Magazine)

The Ultimate test of Leadership: Creating positive change (December 1999, Hermes Business Magazine)

Leadership and the 20/80 principle (January 2000, Hermes Business Magazine)

Cypriot Schools Need Visionary Leaders   (March 2000, Hermes Business Magazine)

Investing in Education (July 2000, Hermes Business Magazine)

Under review
A Comparison of the Cyprus Education System with Education in Finland – submitted to Journal of Modern Greek Studies

The Management of Staff Morale in Relation to the Creation of a Learning Organization - submitted to the Journal of Management Studies

Recent courses / Seminars Attended

Head teacher Inspection training                                                                               November 2007
CIS accreditation team member training: Colombo, Sri Lanka, March 2008

‘Leadership is the creation of environments that influence others to achieve group goals. People support a world they help create’.

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