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Accomplishments 2011

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1.- Media

a.- In support of Hellenic History, 17 letters were published into Hellenic-net ( 44,000)


b.-  124 letters were delivered to 515 members of the Greek Parliament
with copies to:
Cyprus Parliament (104)
Hellenic Professors & PhDs (5400)
Action (269)
Press Hellenic (215)
Press Cyprus (20)
Total Distribution of GreekParliament letters to 6523 members.

c. – 11 letters were delivered to 1148 members of the European Parliament

d. – 10 letters were delivered to 211 members of the United Nations


============================= =============================

1.- Myki Library

Coordinators             : V. Aroniadou-Anderjaska, Costas Tzanos, George Kyriakou, Evangelos Rigos
Technical (and more!): Thanos Voudouris, Alexandros Kassios

Members of the project committee: Vassilis Panoskaltsis, George Baloglou, Hellen Bomis, Konstantinos Katsifarakis, Demosthenis Kostas, Anth Katsirikou, Evangelos Vallianatos, Eleni Phufas, Thomae Kakouli-Duarte, Eleutherios Bots, Dimitrios Diamantidis, Christos Karatzios, Stavro Anagnostopoulos,

This project protested to the Greek Gov't the closing of the libraries for children and youth, and particularly the closing of the only Greek library in the village of Myki, in Thraki, which serves primarily children of Greek-Pomakoi ("Pomakopoula"), with a Petition of 1,665 signatures.  HEC donations of the amount of $3.432 plus sponsorship from third parties were allocated to enrich the library in Myki, which now has new furniture, two new computers, and internet connection (via which-SKYPE- the Pomakopoula communicate with students from Odyssey Charter School in Delaware!)

2.- Nemea Games 2012
Coordinator    : E.Rigos
Members: Athanasios D.Sarantopoulos, Nina Gatzouli, Bill Gatzouli, Kostas Kozyrakis, Tom Patitsas, J.Lopez, Chris
Evangeliou, M. Gheorgiou,Athanasia Kosmidou Landis, Vassiliki Aroniadou-Anderjaska, Nikos Yiannis, Kostas
Anagnostopoulos, Thomae Kakouli-Duarte, Vassilios Papakostantinou, Christos Eleftheriou ,  Maria-Gavriella Anagnostou.

a.- Coordinated the AHEPA Districts of D5, D20, D25, D2 to adopt the games as their project
b.- Booked, for second half of October,  the amphitheater of Acropolis museum for a presentation by Professor S.Miller


3.- German Reparations
The petition and all the work that has been done will be released shortly.

Leader     : Costas Tzanos
Technica  l: Thanos Voudouris
Members  :  George Blytas, Stavros Anagnostopoulos, Stavroula
160,000 people has singed up to September 2012

4.- HEC Media Watch
Coordinator    : N.Giannoukakis     
Members:Ted Karakostas,  Evangelos Rigos, John Psarouthakis, Christos Karatzios, Demosthenes Kostas, Thomae Kakouli-
Duarte, Eleni Phufas, Ioannis Bougas, Anastasios Retzios, Eleni Bomis


5.- Hellenic, Armenian, Assyrian Genocide
Coordinator: Evangelos Rigos
September 9, 2011 HEC organized a commemoration day for the Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian Genocide.
Participants HEC, ANCG, Assyrian Union and AHEPA

6.- The Marbles

Contributors: Betty Hood, Evaggelos Vallianatos

Parthenon Marbles project is an Awareness campaign organized to catalog related artifacts and encourage discussions related to the Parthenon Marbles in an effort to repatriate the Parthenon sculptures.

The purpose is to raise awareness on this important issue.
The goal is the return of the Parthenon Marbles to their origins.

7.- Blue Skies

Scope(preliminary) – Members of this forum will work in creating tangible proposals (Position Paper, Research and Analysis, etc.) with recommendations and alterantives for the future of our country.
Goal (preliminary) – Provide help to Greece and our people.
How – Discuss and publish a research via a Conference or just publish a ReportContributors: Professor Petros P. Groumpos, and


members http://www.greece.org/blogs/scholars/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/blue-skies-reg.html

8.- Επιστολή to the President of the Hellenic Republic
Coordinators: Ioannis Bougas - Vassiliki Aroniadou-Anderjaska - Thomae Kakouli-Duarte - Maria Delivani-Negreponte

9.- In the steps of Pausanias

Coordinator: Evangelos Rigos
M.Exarchou (editor) -G.Rigos(Editor)


10.- Publishing
Corodinatorr: Evangelos Rigos
a.- Like Another Hellen by George Horton 
M.Exarchou(Editor) Colleen M. Parker(designer)
b.- 1922 Black Bible by Ioannis Kapsis 
c.- Οσαν Μια Αλλη Ελενη by George Horton. (translation) 
Kryonas(translator) - M.Exarchou(Editor) - 
Manos Perakis(introduction) - Harry Koulos(Εισαγωγικό Σημείωμα)- Colleen M. Parker(designer)
d.- In Argolis by George Horton.

Tom Papadopoulos (Editor)

11.- June 30, 2011 - Elections
Coordinators   : Anna Lawless - E.Rigos
Technical: A.Sarantopoulos

Elected three new EC members
a.- Thomae Kakouli-Duarte
b.- Vassiliki Aroniadou-Anderjaska
c.- Demosthenes Kostas

12.-  July  19, 2011 - HEC Hosted Paideia (44 students) at Nemea
Coordinator: Evangelos Rigos
a.- Offered to all students The Essential Condition of The Stability-Linkage FYROM-EU by N. Martis
b.- Soft drinks

13.- July 22, 2011 - HEC Hosted AHEPA Journey to Greece (21 Students) at Corinthia -
Coordinator Evangelos Rigos - Fotini Eleutheriadou
We have done the same sponsoring last year. The idea is to give the students a first hand experience of the Corinthia
mythology and visits at the museums of Isthmia, Corinthos, Nemea. In addition, we promoted the Nemea Games 2012.
You will find more details at 

14.- Odyssey Charter School of Delaware
HEC is co-operating with this school arranging for a connection with MYKI library. In addition HEC has arranged for the
School to obtain Greek books at a 30-35% discount.

15.-  Hellenic Culture in Turkey
Leader    :  Dr. Vlassis Agtzidis
Member :  Academics from the HEC Academic Forum
Objective:  To make known the Hellenic culture (Churches, Ancient Ruins, Ancient Studiums etc) in Anatolia

16.- NEMEA GAMES June 23, 2012
Co-ordinator :  Hellenic Electronic Center ( Evangelos Rigos)
Objective: The objective of the Group is to promote the games, find volunteers for the work of SRNG, find
SRNG members, athletes, visitors,get discount on air fares for the AHEPA and HEC members.

  1. AHEPA - τμήμα Αθηνών HJ-1
  2. Ελληνικό Ηλεκτρονικό Κέντρο (Ευάγγελος Ρήγος)
  3. Καρυάτιδες
  4. Έσπερος
  5. Οργανισμός της Διάδοσης της Ελληνικής Γλώσσας
  6. Σύλλογος Κορινθίων Αθηνών
  7. Γυναίκες Θεσσαλονίκης & Μακεδονίας
  8. Οι Ελληνίδες του Κρασιού
October       2, 2011, Meeting at AHEPA offices.
October     14, 2011, Museum of Acropolis - Lecture by Professor Miller
November   2, 2011, Meeting at the AHEPA Offices
November 13, 2011  Visit of Nemea by 100 members of the above organizations.
December 07, 2011, Meeting at AHEPA offices




HEC took part at the Honoring of Nina Gatzouli by the Women of Thessaloniki & Macedonia.
HEC acted as the technical support to the conference establishing a live connection between the Hall and Ms. Gatzouli.
Due to overloaded lines, we turned over the live presentation into a prepared video.
At the Conference were participating
Ms. Eleni Doulianaki coordinator
Ms. Sofia Voultepsi
Ms. Poyxini Ada-Veleni
Ms. Potitsa Grigorakou


Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) together with the following 6 organizations have created a dynamic group working on Hellenism and Education. Every organization is on equal basis and proposes common projects. The coordinator of this project is HEC which is equal among equals.

ΑΧΕΠΑ- τμήμα Αθηνών HJ-1

Θυγατέρες της Πηνελόπης – τμήματα Καρυάτιδες-Έσπερος

Ελληνικό Ηλεκτρονικό Κέντρο

Οργανισμός της Διάδοσης της Ελληνικής Γλώσσα

Γυναίκες Θεσσαλονίκης & Μακεδονίας

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