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JTG KORINTHIA 07/22/2011

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AHEPA Journey to Greece visit of Corinthia.


Sponsored by Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC)
(HEC was represented by Evangelos Rigos & Fotini Eleutheriadou)

The Journey to Greece with 21 Students and their group leader Professor J.Dimitriou visited Corinthia. The tour was sponsored by Hellenic Electronic Center(HEC).

General Gallery

09:30  Arrival Isthmia - Restaurant next to the movable bridge.
Breakfast - sponsored by HEC
The story of the canal from Periandros (602 bc)  to modern times E.Rigos

The Mythology of Isthmia  - E. Rigos

10:30  Museum of Isthmia - Tour by Tour guy.  (Dimitra Koskina)  (sponsored by HEC)
Mythology: Midia, Jason, Theseus, Sinis, Pitis, Oedipous, E.Rigos
11:30   MUSEUM OF ANCIENT CORINTH - Tour by Tour guy (Dimitra Koskina) (sponsored by HEC)

Corinth Museum Gallery

Mythology: Ypsipili, Ofeltis, Lykourgos,

14:00  NEMEA
Museum -
Nemea Zeus temple. - Tour By Dr. Stephen Miller.

15:00   Stadium - Tour by Dr. Stephen Miller

16:00   Lunch at Periptero Ancient Nemea  Sponsored by  HEC.
- Professor S. Miller presented to the Students the Nemean Games 2012 and Macedonia issue-
HEC gave to the students THE STABILITY - LINKAGE FYROM-EU AGREEMENT by Nikos Martis.

17:30   Departure from Nemea To Olympia.

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