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HEC Lists Help Page

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To continue our  important mission, HEC is asking you or your company for a sponsorship!

The Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) discussion Lists provide a forum for exchange of information about various subjects concerning Greece and Greeks at home or abroad. Please note that the  Lists are being moderated according to the list subject. HEC, and the List "owners"  are not legally responsible and the personal opinions expressed in this discussion forum are not necessarily the opinions of HEC or the list owners. All posted messages are property of HEC according to copyrights.

tri.gif (64 bytes) To post and read a specific HEC list you MUST first register (subscribe) to a list..
Registrations, cancellations and other server access commands should be sent only to listserver:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with only one command line in the body of the email (subject is not required).
Here are some basic listserver commands for a list called: ARTEMIS

if you belong to the Scholars Forum, replace ARTEMIS with HELLENIC-PROFESSORS-PHDS

    To Subscribe send the one line in the body of the email SUB ARTEMIS FirstName LastName
    To Cancel your subscription SIGNOFF ARTEMIS
    To stop receiving mail temporarily SET ARTEMIS NOMAIL
    To resume receiving mail SET ARTEMIS MAIL
    To receive each day's mail in 1-2 files SET ARTEMIS DIGEST
    To receive subject-line only once a day SET ARTEMIS INDEX
    To get helpful listserv commands HELP

tri.gif (64 bytes) After subscription, to post a message to ARTEMIS, you must substitute the word "LISTSERV" with "ARTEMIS" in the address.  ARTEMIS@HEC.GREECE.ORG. See examples below:

Subscription example: list-sub.jpg (28964 bytes)
Cancellation example: list-off.jpg (29405 bytes)
Post message example: list-msg.jpg (29102 bytes)

tri.gif (64 bytes) For Personal Help, If you have any questions about registration or any other problems, please write to us.

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Copyright © 1996 HEC All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright © 2023 Hellenic Electronic Center. All Rights Reserved.

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