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Dr. Efstathios "Stathis" Meletis

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Dr. Efstathios "Stathis" Meletis

Professor & Chair
Office: (817) 272-2559
Lab: (817) 272-0656 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology 1981
MBA Georgia Institute of Technology 1981
M.Sc. Georgia Institute of Technology 1978
Diploma ChE, National Techn. Univ. of Athens, Hellas 1975

Full Curriculum Vitae

Research Lab Page

1987-2004 Assistant, Associate, Professor and G.&L. Williams Endowed Chair
Professor, Louisiana State University
1986-1987 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis
1984-1985 Group Leader IIT Research Institute, Chicago
1982-1983 Research Associate/Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of

Thin Film Science and Technology (MSE 5390)
Fundamentals of Corrosion Science and Engineering (MSE 5330)

Research Synopsis:
Dr. Meletis’ research areas are in surface engineering, multifunctional thin films, small-scale materials and material-environment interactions. He has invented novel plasma treatments for surface hardening, modification and producing functionally gradient surface layers.  His group was the first to achieve self-assembling of perovskite-type oxides and metal/ceramic thin films with high aspect ratios. 

His recent work focuses on vacuum and electrolytic plasma-assisted processing for applications spanning from aerospace to bio, multifunctional (electronic, magnetic, tribological, catalytic, bio, etc) nanocomposite thin films, scale effects on material properties, self-assembling in inorganic materials and nanofabrication.  His research has been funded by NSF, NIH, NASA, DOE, SERDP, ARO, DARPA, Lockheed Martin and other federal and industrial sources.

Selected Publications:
Wear Mechanism of Nanocrystalline Metals, Z.Q. Qi, J.C. Jiang and E.I. Meletis, JNN (2008).
Fabrication and Thermal Stability of Co Nanopillars in Diamondlike Carbon Films, J.C. Jiang, F.L. Wang and E.I. Meletis, Int. J. Nanomanufacturing 2(1/2), 80-98 (2008).
Effects of N-doping on the Microstructure, Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Cr-DLC Thin Films, S.K. Pal, J.C. Jiang and E.I. Meletis, Surf. Coat. Technol. 201, 7917-7923 (2007).
Interface Modulated Structure of Highly Epitaxial (Pb,Sr)TiO3 Thin Films on (001) MgO, J.C. Jiang, Z. Yuan, C.L. Chen and E.I. Meletis, Appl. Phys. Lett. 90, 051904 (2007).
V. Singh, V. Palshin, R.C. Tittsworth and E.I. Meletis, Local structure of Composite Cr-containing Diamond-like Carbon Thin Films, Carbon 44(7), 1280-1286 (2006).
E.I. Meletis and J.C. Jiang, Ordered, Self-organized Co Nanodots in Co-Diamond-like Carbon Thin Films, JNN 6(6), 1807-1810 (2006).

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