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Prof. Theodore G.Antikas

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Curriculum Vitae – Theodore G. Antikas

Career 2004-08: Visiting Onassis Professor, History Dept. and Jackson School of International

Studies, U. of Washington. Taught Hist-420, 490, 494B (Ancient Olympics); HSTEU-364

(Modern Greek HistoryH). Syllabi are seen at http://faculty.washington.edu/antikas

2005-08: Adjunct Professor, Bio Sciences Dept., Skagit Valley College, Mt. Vernon, WA.

Taught Human Anatomy-Physiology 106, 242, 243, Biology 241 & Med Terminology 102

2000-04: Senior Lecturer, Aristotelian Univ. College of Agriculture. Taught Anatomy and Physiology

to graduates in Animal Sciences; and archaeozoology to graduate students in the Archaeology Dept.

1992-97: Associate Professor Thessalian U Faculty of Agriculture, Volos, Greece. Taught

theory and labs in General Physiology to undergraduates of Animal Sciences

1983-91: Lecturer, Dept. of Surgery, Ecole Nationale Veterinaire, Alfort, Paris. Taught

Laser Surgery & Therapeutics to graduates; directed the College’s Laser Unit; and was

appointed Federal veteterinarian of the French equestrian pony teams from 1985 to 1990

1974-82: Assistant Prof., Athens U Medical School, Experimental Physiology Department

Taught graduates & undergraduates in medicine and nursing; directed the University’s

Laboratory Animal Center

1970-73: TA, Graduate College, Dept. of Human Physiology, U of Illinois at the Medical Ctr., Chicago.

Taught human physiology to graduate and undergraduate students in medicine, nursing and pharmacy

1969-73: Resident investigator, Hines VA Hospital, Hines, Illinois. Taught Laboratory Animal Medicine,

Science and Technology to post-graduate veterinarians

1962-69: Anthropology & Biology Center, Hellenic Army General Hospital, Athens. Directed the Center’s

Lab Animal Unit and the Lab Animal Unit for Medical Research, Pasteur Institute, Athens

Languages Ancient/modern Greek, English, French, German, Latin, Spanish

Societies Anthropological Society of Greece, Pierian Chapter; founding member, 1992

Association of Nuclear Medicine, Athens; member since 1977

Hellenic Equestrian Federation; athlete and event vet since 1992

Hellenic Medical Association; active member since 1974

Hellenic Veterinary Association; active member since 1962

Hellenic Zootechnic Association, Thessalonike; member since 1982

Animal Welfare Institute Internat’l Committee, Washington DC; member since 1969

Association Veterinaire Equine Francaise, Paris; member, 1982

Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle; member since 1999

Euro Pony Club Association; co-founder and delegate; member since 1989

European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians; member in 2010

Federation Equestre Internationale; international judge & event vet since 1978

International Council of Archaeozoology, Washington DC; member since 1997

Sigma Xi Research Society, New York; member since 1973

Veterinarians for Equine Welfare, Wshington, DC; member since 2004

Publications Over 240 papers and 21 books (viz. selected titles on pp. 2-3) on: History; Greek and Roman

literature on the history of the ancient and modern Olympics; Human anatomy; Archaeozoology;

Equine sports medicine; Laser therapeutics and surgery; Laboratory animal medicine, science and technology.

Editions Member to the editorial boards of (a) Hellenic Journal of Medicine; (b) Animal Regulation Studies, Elsevier Publ.;

and (c) J Equine Vet Med, Wildomar California

Citations Who’s Who in the World, Marquis Inc. Chicago, IL 1980-81 and 1984-85

Who’s Who in Western Europe, IBC Publ. Cambridge, 1981 p. 23

Who’s Who in the World, Marquis Inc Providence, NJ 2008, 25th edition

Address: Makrygialos, 60066 Methoni-Greece ◙ tel +30-2353-41753 ◙ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it http://hippologia.org

89 Selected Publications as author or co-author (1976-2011)

2011: -Βάση Δεδομένων και πρόδρομες παρατηρήσεις στοσκελετικό υλικό απο το θάλαμο του τάφουΙΙ στη ΜεγάληΤούμπα

της Βεργίνας. ΑΕΜΘ 24 (υπό δημοσίευση)

-Comparative Osteology & Methods of Identifying Mammals in Archaeological Digs, 2nd ed., ‘To Tetarto’ (ed), Katerini,

Greece (book-12 in Greek)

-Poseidippos, Opos Ippos. To Tetarto Publ., Katerini, Greece (book-11 in Greek, in press)

-The Pontian genocide. Text of a lecture on May 15, 2011 delivered in Pieria as keynote speaker

2010: -Horses and Horsemanship. To Tetarto Publ., Katerini, Greece (book-10 in Greek)

-Scapular Lesion on a Juvenile of the 3rd c. CE from Northern Greece. PPA Newsletter no.149, 2010 19-21

-Paleopathology in Greek horses from Homeric to Hellenistic times. Abstracts APWG Congress, Katerini, Greece 1-6

-Αναλύσεις σκελετικών καταλοίπων απο δυο τάφους Εποχής Σιδήρου στα Λευκάδια Ημαθίας. 17th Ephorate (ed), pp.1-12

2009: -Analysis of Human Remains of the 3rd c. CE from Beroia. 17th Ephorate of Antiquities (ed.) p.1-24

-Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from the Archaic Burial Ground at Asomata. In E. Kefalidou (ed), Asomata,

an Archaic Cemetery in Hemathia. Kyriakidis Brothers S.A Publ. House, Thessaloniki, pp. 123-128

-Analysis of Human and Animal Remains from the 2009-Excavations at Beroia. 17th ΕΠΚΑ (ed.), pp.1-8

-Ichthyophagoi Hippoi in Macedon, 7th-3rd c. BCE. Was Herodotus telling the truth? Hellenorama v.64: 53-61

2008: -Plagiarism: the Ancient Greek Arete and Christian Virtue. T&L Newsletter, Skagit Valley College, Spring 2008, pp. 2,13

-The ancient Greek Arete and the Christian Virtue. T&L Newsletter, Skagit Valley College, Summer 2008, pp. 2, 13

-Analyses of human and animal remains from Tomb A at Vergina: In Kyriakou A., The Stenomakri Toumba at Vergina-

Burial Rituals in Macedonia of the Fourth Century BC. K. Sfakianaki editions, Thessaloniki 2008, pp. 299-308

2007: -Fish Eating Horses in Central Macedonia, 5th c. BCE: Was Herodotus Right? Veterinar. ir Zootechn. 44(66):31-37, 2008

-They Didn’t Shoot Horses: Fracture Management in a Horse of the 5th c. BCE from Sindos, C. Macedonia, Greece.

Veterinarija ir Zootechnika 42(64): 24-27

-Teaching “Killer Courses”. T&L Newsletter, Skagit Valley College, Spring 2007, p. 2-3

2006: -Symbols of Heroism: Horse Burials in Royal & Common Macedonian Tombs. In: Equids in Time and Space”, Mashkour M

(editor). Oxbow Books, Oxford, England pp. 204-210

-Filostratos: Education is the sun to the educated. Keynote lecture at AHEPA’s Foundation, Seattle, Washington

2005: -Perimortem weapon trauma to the thoracic vertebrae of a 2nd century BCE adult male from Macedonia, N. Greece.

Journal of Paleopathology 16(2): 69-78. Discovery Channel film, ‘Who killed T-38?’

-Bucephalas: Common Burials of Horses and Heroes in Antiquity. IΧΩΡ Journal 55: 86-97

-The Honour to be Buried with Horses: From Mycenaean Nemea to Macedonian Vergina. In: Les Equides dans le Monde

Mediterraneen Antique. Arnelle Gardeisen (ed.), CNRS 143-51, France

2004: -Ancient Greek Olympionikai, 776 BCE-393 CE. Euandros editions, Athens (book-9 in Greek)

-Olympica Hippica. Euandros editions, Athens (book-8 in English)

-Analysis of skeleton 2003 found at Angelochori, Beroia. Archeological Museum of Beroia (ed.), pp. 1-8

-Analysis of human remains of T-6 at Asomata, Delik-Tas: a Report. 17th Ephorate, Edessa (ed.), pp.1-6

-Human and Animal Skeletal Analysis of Nine Burials from the Site at Monasteriou Street, Beroia: A Report. 17th Ephorate,

Edessa (ed.), pp 1-16

2003: -Fracture of the Atlas of a Greek Male in the Early Iron Age. PPA Newsletter 123: 17-18

-Case study: Analysis of skeleton #02003 found at Angelochori, Beroia. 17th EPKA (ed.), pp.1-8

-Case study: Skeletal analysis of T-I at the sanctuary of Eukleia, Vergina. Aristotelian U Dept. of History (ed)

-Funeral horse carts discovered in Thrace, Greece. Minerva 14(3): 4-5; & European Archaeologist, 19:17-18

-Symbols of Heroism: Burials by the Via Egnatia. Proc. 9th Int. Meeting EAA, St. Petersburg, Russia, pp 1-24

-Human and Animal Skeletal Analysis of Nine Burials from the Site at Monasteriou Street, Beroia. 17th EPKA(ed.), pp.1-20

-Statue of Zeus Hypsistos discovered at Dion. Minerva 14(6): 4-5

2002: -Horses and Heroes in the Tomb of Philip II. Minerva magazine 13(1): 46-49

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and K.M. Dobney (eds), Oxbow Publ., Oxford, pp.30-35

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of Archaeologists, Thessalonike, p. 255

-Τzamala-IV: Common and Traumatic Pathology on Skeletons of the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age. Archeologicon Ergon

in Macedonia and Thrace, 16: 509-18

2001: -New statues from Cycladic Kalymnos. Minerva 12(4): 4

-Rare gold wreath of the 4th century BC found in Nea Apollonia, Greece. Minerva 12(1): 4

-Roman soldier’s tomb uncovered at Patras. Minerva 12(6): 3-4

-Theodoros Florides (pseudonym of T.G.Antikas), Thirty Years with Animals. 1st ed., Ithaca Publ, Athens (book-7 in Greek)

2000: -The Indigenous Horses of Greece. Greek Ministry of Agriculture (ed), pp. 42 (book)

-Via Egnatia. Ancient Greek Cities Along A Restored Roman Road. Minerva 11(6): 30-32

1999: -Comparative Osteology & Methods of Identifying Mammals in Archaeological Research 1st ed., Aristotelian U Thessalonike

(book-6 in Greek)

-The Numismatic Museum in Athens. Minerva 10(6):47-9

-Early coins in the Aegean. Minerva 10 (6): 50-51

-The necropolis at Nea Philadelphia in central Macedonia, Greece. Minerva 10(1): 4-5

-The coastal necropolis of Akanthos. Minerva 10(4): 40-43


1998: -Hippotherapy with Sosanders and Sosipais. Nemesis 16: 110-112

-The Aiani museum opens in western Macedonia. Minerva 9(4): 33

1997: -Pharmacokinetics of antibiotic treatment of Brucella and Salmonella spp. infections. Proceedings ΧVth World Symposium of

the AVM, Limassol, Cyprus

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1996: -A new museum for an ancient Greek city. Minerva 7(5): 40-43

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1994: -The Therme Horse. Horse Rider 11: 54-55

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1991: -Low-power laser effects in equine traumatology and post-surgically. Lasers in Orthopedic and Veterinary Science, D.

Dederich (ed). Los Angeles. SPIE vol. 1424: 186-197

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1985: -Soft lasertherapie dans la pathologie musculosquelettale du cheval athlete. Lettre Hebdo Veterinaire 5: 5-8

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di Bologna, Italy (bilingual book-4 in French and Italian)

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Equine Francaise, Mulhouse, pp. 5-6

1983: -Theodoros Florides (pseudonym of T. G. Antikas), Thirty Years with Animals. 2nd ed., Cactus Publications, Athens 2001,

pp. 240 (book-3 in Greek)

1981: -Riding Chronicle 1979- 80. Equum editions, Athens (book-2 in Greek)

1980: -Laboratory Animal Technology IX: The utilization of cell populations from animals in the in vitro quantification of

phagocytosis in human patients. Proc. 6th Pan-Hellenic Medical Conference, Athens, pp.19-24

-From Aesculaps to Galen: Roots of General Physiology. Proc. 6th Pan-Hellenic Medical Conference, Athens, pp.1-14

-Ethics in laboratory animal use and technology; and Training in lab animal medicine and technology in developing countries.

Proc. 6th Pan-Hellenic Medical Conference, Athens, pp. 21-44

1979: -Ιδιομορφίαι της φυσιολογίας του πεπτικού συστήματος και των ενζύμων του αίματος του κονίκλου. ΙΕΕΔ 13:113-17

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-Μέτρησις της παροχής σε παροχετεύσεις (shunt) υδροκεφάλων δια της ισοτοπικής κοιλιογραφίας. ΙΕΕΔ 13: 195-99

-Συμβολή στη Mελέτη των Oργανοληπτικών Xαρακτηριστικών του Bοείου Kατεψυγμένου Kρέατος. Ελλ. Κτην. 21:100-108

-Γενική βιβλιογραφία εργασιών σχετικών με Τεχνολογία Πειραματοζώων. ΙΕΕΔ 13:111-12

1978: -Βιοϊατρικές εφαρμογές των Η/Υ. Νέο πρόγραμμα ευρέσεως των χρόνων αγγειακής καθάρσεως μικροσωματιδίων και καρκινικών

κυττάρων επισημασμένων με ραδιοϊσότοπα. Ιατρ. Επιθ. Εν. Δυν. 12: 581-584

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-Τεχνικαί Πειραματοζώων V. Πειραματικά μοντέλα-τεχνικαί δια την μελέτην μεταμοσχευσίμων όγκων & αντικαρκινικών φαρμάκων

εις την φυσιοπαθολογίαν. ΙΕΕΔ 12: 55-64

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εναλλακτικές μέθοδοι εφαρμογής. IΕΕΔ. 12: 385-91

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World Health Organization Research Training in Human Reproduction).

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καρκινικών κυττάρων τύπου Carcinoma Walker-256’. ΙΕΕΔ 10: 455-483

-Decreased resistance to intravenous tumor cell challenge during periods of reticuloendothelial depression following surgery.

Brit J. Cancer 34: 381-89

Referee: Professor Carol Thomas, University of Washington, Department of History ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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