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Dr. Ifigeneia Vamvakidou

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First degree (B.A.) in Faculty of Philosophy, 1986, Aristotle University Salonica, Postgraduate diploma in Faculty of Philosophy (M.A.) 1991, Department of Modern philosophy and History, Aristotle University Salonica,

Doctoral diploma in Pedagocic Faculty (Ph. D.) 1998, Modern history and methods of teaching, Aristotle University Salonica.

Experience in Research: Participation in Greek and International conferences about the methodology of modern research in history and cultural studies (1998-2007).

Educational experience: 20 years teaching in Intercultural School (1988-1991), in Greek University (1994-2010) and in pedagogic projects for training the trainees (1994-2010).

Chair woman in post studies program: Cultural studies- semiotic structures and practices, The course requires the compulsory attendance of workshops- seminars, which coincide with and can compensate (for failed) specialization modules. The seminars are updated every year and relate to subjects in the field of cultural studies - http://semiotics.nured.uowm.gr/

Visitor professor in New Bulgarian University, Semiotic studies

Delegate for the University of Western Macedonia in the Unesco Chair un Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment- University of Cyprus.



Experience in writing, Books

· Ifigenia Vamvakidou (2000). Thraces in 1821, Optical historic art as document in modern history. Salonica: Herodotus.

· Ifigenia Vamvakidou, A. Andreou (2006). The statue population, the case of Florina,reading public monuments –activities in History. Salonica: Ad. Stamoulis

· Ifigenia Vamvakidou (2010). Hristos Tanimanidis (1906-1968) Family’s history, an archive from the municipality in Xanthi, North Greece. Xanthi: Pakethra.

· Ifigenia Vamvakidou & P. Golia (2011). Velvento, my place. Lessons of local history. Kozani, University of Western Macedonia.

· about 85 scientific articles on Modern Greek History, history studies, cultural studies, modern methodology in social research

Independent teaching at the Peripheral Educational Centres of Philologists in Thessaloniki (1996-1997) for the module Modern History of Northern Greece (see certificate).

Independent teaching at the Two-year school attendance teachers’ equalization programs, Department of Preschool Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1997-1998) on History Teaching and at the Equalization Program of the Department of Primary Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Florina (2000-2001) on History from the sources and on Social Studies Teaching (see certificate).

Specialist scientist at the Department of Balkan Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Florina: Visual records and Monuments in the Balkans (winter semester 2000-2001).

Specialist scientist at the Department of Balkan Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Florina: (2001-2002): Cultural Heritage in the Balkans.

Since 2002-2005-2009 independent teaching at the Department of Preschool Education, University of Western Macedonia, Florina on set texts: Modern European History, Modern Greek History and on Elective Modules: History and Culture Issues, New Technologies and History, Introduction to Cultural Studies.

(2005-2008): Department of ICT, University of Western Macedonia, Kozani, Set text: Introduction to sociological thinking.

(2005-2008): Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Set text: Introduction to Semiotics.

MA Department, Department of Preschool Education, University of Western Macedonia, Florina (2005-2007): Direction Cultural Studies and New Technologies, History and Methodology classes.

MA Department, Department of Preschool Education, University of Western Macedonia, Florina (2008-2010): Direction Cultural Studies, semiotic structures and practises, History and Methodology classes.

(2007-2008) Collaboration with the University of Cyprus, MA Department, Department of Preschool Education on methodology and historical analysis issues, MA program of Law School, University of Thrace, Komotini.

Teaching at the New Bulgarian University in collaboration with Professor Kristian Bankov at the 14th and 15th Early Fall School in Semiotics, September 5-15th (2008) and (2009), on History and Semiotics, Media and Semiotics.

Participation in research programs

Filing of the Educational Association of Andrianoupolis Library in Thessaloniki (1993-1994, 1994-1995).

Participation in the Extended Job Training of the Department of Primary Education in Florina (2003-2005).

Extended Job Training of the Department of Preschool Education in Florina (2005-2007), project coordinator.

EUROPEAN WORKING GROUP IN CICE (2008-2012), Strand 1, Innovation and Development in Higher Education, CICE4, Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe Social, Economic and Political Learning and Understanding within the European Context.

Project coordinator in 2008: Prespes. History, Geography, Culture. Community Initiative INTERREG ΙΙΙ, 2000-2006. Measure 2.2. “Creation of Structure Promoting the Byzantine Heritage and cultural treasury of Prespa Lakes”.

Project coordinator in (2009-2010). District of Kozani, Municipality of Velventos, Report on editing and recording the local history of Velventos, Region of Western Macedonia.

Coordinator for historic dara- international documentary about Pomaks (2007). It is titled “The more you speak...the more you cry”, second award for best documentary in the 48th festival of Thessalonica; the director is Dimitris Kitsikoudis, the photography was by Alkis Sotiriadi, Kostas Potamianos, Grigoris Theodoridis.

Participation in international network about women’s rights, production of visual material (dvd), Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum for Gender Citizenship Education.

Project coordinator in the Study of Editing and recording the Local History of Velventos (3 volumes for the teacher, educator and activities workbook), work commissioned by the Municipality of Velventos (2009-2010).


· 130

Vamvakidou, Ι. (2001). The students of Thrace draw the History: journal: Ekpaideutika/ 61-62, 134-139.

· Vamvakidou, Ι., Kyridis Α. & Maurikaki Ε. (2001). Peace Education at school: journal: Paidagogikos Logos /3, 53-68.

· Vamvakidou, I. & Fahantidis N. (2004). Students find out about Historical Events through Secondary Visual Sources Using New Technologies, Modern Greek History of the 19th Century: International Journal of Learning/11, 11-27.

· Vamvakidou, I. (2004). Gendered post-narratives and readings of the Macedonian Struggle through historical evidence: silencing of gender in historical activity: journal: Philippos, Giannitsa: edition of the Ministry of Macedonia & Thrace, vol. 145, 13-19.

· Golia, P., Kaskamanidis Ι. & Vamvakidou Ι. (2007). The use of online resources in teaching history: a teaching approach to the history of the Sixth grade of elementary school. Paidogogika revmata sto Aigaio, 3. (Accessible in http://www.rhodes.aegean.gr/ptde/revmata).

Vamvakidou, Ι. - Golia P.- Philiopoulos G.( 2009). Public Sculptures and local History of the city of Grevena (2009): in M. Papanikolaou, ed., History and Culture, Proceedings, University of Aristotle (in press)

Golia, P., Trajianou Eud., Vamvakidou Ι., (2009) Street appellation and urban-history (2009). History and Culture: in M. Papanikolaou, ed., History and Culture, Proceedings, University of Aristotle (in press)

Vamvakidou Ι., Golia P. (2009). Representation of women in illustration: Elementary school textbooks of Modern Greek history: journal Modern Education, 158, 139-153.

· Vamvakidou, I., A. Aypay, S. Goncalves, J. Spinthourakis, A. Kyridis,M. Keramyda, C. Zagos, M. Troullou (2009). Approaches of citizenship as they appeared in the proceedings of CICE, content analysis: in Human Rights and Citizenship Education, Preceding of the Eleventh Conference of the Children's Identity and Citizenship in European Thematic Network. Edited by Peter Cunningham.CiCe, London.

Vamvakidou, I. Golia, P. & Kassidou, S., Zigouri E. (2010). The perceptions of homeland, Greek Universities students define the term: Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences www.elsevier.com/locate/procedia

Vamvakidou, Ι., Keramyda, Μ. (2009). “Once upon a time there was a wall”: historical narrations in the documentary of Reportage without frontiers: Conference, Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: evaluations and perspectives, Department of Balkan Studies, University of Western Macedonia.

Α. Kyridis, Ι. Vamvakidou, Ch. Ζagos (2009). Someone wrote it on the wall with paint... Social, political and artistic imprints on Berlin Wall: Conference, Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: evaluations and perspectives, Department of Balkan Studies, University of Western Macedonia.

Vamvakidou, I. (2009). Modern Greek history, historic documentary, the case of Pomaks, in ROSS A. (edit.), Human rights and citizenship education, London, Cice, pp. 343-348.

Vamvakidou, I., Kyridis, A., Troulou, M., Keramyda, M., Spinthourakis, J., Goncalves, S. (2010 in press). Researching active citizenship and life long learning in CICE conference publications 1998 – 2008, submitted, Proceedings of the CiCe Annual Conference, Barcelona.

Vamvakidou, Ι., Kyridis, Α., Zagkos, C. Tziamtzi, E. Gogou, Ε. (2010). Posters as a form of political discourse. The posters of the Communist Youth of Greece in the dictatorship era (1967-1974): THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE IMAGE: http://x11.cgpublisher.com/works/31802/actions/1/manage_workspace

· Michalidis El., Nikolantonakis K., Vamvakidou If., (2011) Maths and graphics in UEFA’s Logos: Teaching mathematics, Athens University.

· Ifigenia Vambakidou, Pipini Εleftheriou (2011). Citizenship in historic narratives : the case of Pomaks in western Thrace: 3rd SEMCE Inclusive Society University of Patras.

Professional Affiliations

Greek Historical Society, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Greek and International Semiotic Society, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Scientific Journal Edition “Peri Thrakis” (“About Thrace”) : PAKETHRA (Cultural Development Centre of Thrace)

Educational Association of Andrianople in Thessaloniki

“Thracian Approach” Cultural Association, Xanthi

“Endochora” Culural Association, Alexandroupolis

Member of the Florina Museum of Modern Art

Reviewer of the journal: European Studies, Canadian Center of Science and Education

Article reviewer of the journals: Modern Education, International Journal of Learning, International Journal of the Humanities.

Supervisor of numerous undergraduate and postgraduate assignments at the Department of Pre-school Education and the Department of Balkan Studies at the University of Western Macedonia.

Participation in three-member committees of MA dissertations.

Thesis supervisor (five)

Coordinator at the Department of Pre-school Education in the Liaison Office of the University of Western Macedonia (2005-2007).

Member of the temporary Convention of the Department of Fine Arts, Florina, University of Western Macedonia.

Participation in Early Fall School in Semiotics- the group of postgraduate students of the Cultural Studies, School of Education, University of Western Macedonia, after the invitation of the New Bulgarian University and professor Kristian Bankov, participated with the project leader, associate professor Ifigeneia Vamvakidou, to the 14th and 15th Early Fall School in Semiotics from the 5th until the 15th of September (2008) and (2009).

(2008-2012) COORDINATOR in the Postgraduate Studies Program in the direction of Cultural Studies: Semiotic structures and practices.

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