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New York Times 02/08/09

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August 2 ,2009
Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch has the audacity and arrogance to slam Greece (July 30) owing to the policies of Athens on asylum applications for immigrants. The fundamental root of this problem from Turkey owing to the fact that most of these people were in Turkey before the Turks shipped them off to Greece. Greece is a very small country that is trying to deal with the problem in the most humane way possible.
Of course, for Mr. Frelick to attack Greece is hardly surprising considering that Human Rights Watch has had a blatantly anti-Greek political agenda for many years and has permitted itself to be used as a political pawn by regimes in Ankara and Skopje that are blatantly hostile to Greece. This writer has had first hand experiences with staff at Human Rights Watch that have been quite hostile to suggestions that HRW cover human rights abuses of Greeks in Constantinople and the Turkish occupied territories of Cyprus. Greece is a democratic country and the bastion of stability in the Balkan Peninsula. If the Greek   government is not performing to the satisfaction of bureaucrats such as Mr. Frelick and his colleagues, perhaps they should leave their comfortable offices in Washington and New York, and volunteer their services and deal with the asylum problem in Greece firsthand.
Theodoros Karakostas
HEC Executive Committee
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