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Vasko Gligorijevic - 08/01/09

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Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC)

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August 1,2009
The following statement is intended to express unconditional support for Vasko Gligorijevic, political prisoner of the dictatorial and undemocratic government in Skopje officially recognized by international organizations as former yugoslav republic of macedonia (FYROM). Mr. Gligorijevic is well known for his tireless criticism of the government in Skopje and its infamous propaganda campaign which aims not only toward the eventual annexation of the Greek province of Macedonia, but which has been falsifying history with fantastic claims that can only be referred as fiction by serious scholars and historians.
We are concerned for the physical, emotional, and psychological well being of Mr. Gligorijevic who is a most serious and honorable dissident attempting to bring the attention of the world on the authoritarian tactics and measures used by the government in Skopje to curb criticism and opposition, and to expose its long term expansionist claims against Greece. We believe that serious sanctions should be imposed
on FYROM until that country effectively undertakes decisive and irreversible democratic forms that guarantees freedom of speech and thought to all citizens, and which stops the manufacture of propaganda
against neighboring Greece.
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