Claiming Macedonia



The Struggle for the Heritage, Territory
and Name of the Historic Hellenic Land, 1862-2004
by George C. Papavizas, 2006


The book contains the following chapters: Preface, Introduction, The Origin of the Macedonian Question, The Balkan Wars and WWI (1912-1918), The Rise of Communism and the Macedonian Question, WWII and the Struggle for Macedonia, State-controlled "Macedonian ethnogenesis, The Greek Civil War and the Struggle for Macedonia, The Struggle for Macedonia after 1950, and a chapter by Marcus Alexander Templar on "A History of FYROM (or Balkan) Slavs Compared to the History of Greek Macedonians and Albanians." The book argues the Macedonian question from a Greek perspective. It questions FYROM’s right to the Macedonian name and examines the origin of the dispute between Hellenism and Bulgarism, the world wars and the rise of communism in Yugoslavia. The book also discusses misconceptions about Macedonia’s past and analyzes communism’s role as the protagonist in the formation of the new state and as a pivotal influence in the Greek Civil War. Cover to cover; it traces the conflict’s change from an initial struggle between Hellenism and Bulgarism to the present dispute between Athens and Skopje.


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