Dr. C. Karatzios/Bloomberg 06/21/11


Dear Ms. Schneeweiss and Mr. Armstrong,

The negative publicity surrounding Greece and its current economic situation plays surely in the hands of George Soros. What he wants is for the Euro to fail. While Greece can be faulted in part for its current problems, the powers that be need to give it a break. Greece is simply the whipping boy for the financial irresponsibility of the European banks. The high and mighty attitude that Germany has is hypocritical considering that about 60 years ago, it literally destroyed the fledgling Greek economy and hasn't paid its dues the way it was supposed to.

I submit 2 articles for your perusal concerning Albrecht Ritschl, an economist who disagress with your analysis of the situation. They are linked below.

The Bloomberg Report should not be the flagship of the Soros corporations.

Christos Karatzios MD
McGill University




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