January 7, 2002
On Monday, January 7, 2002, CNN published a map of Europe with different colors for each country. Half of the Greek Aegean Islands had the color of Turkey.
Action/Themis moved fast and in less than 12 hours the misrepresentation was corrected





U.S. Governors Retractions




Hellenic Genocide - THEMIS
March 10, 2001
A campaign petitioning the Greek Government not to remove the word "Genocide" from the September 14th Commemoration The Asia Minor Genocide Day.



Correction of the HISTORY CHANNEL
April 2001
(Project initiated by Sofia S. Kostos)
Saint Nicholas, The History channel was presenting him as "an austere Turkish Bishop" was corrected to "a Greek Orthodox Bishop."



Correction of the 60 Minutes - Andy Rooney
May 20, 2001
(Project initiated by Sofia S. Kostos and Phillip Spyropoulos)
"Turkish painters painted Christ on tilles"
(They were NO Turks in Byzantium at that time)
Andy Rooney apologized as follows
"To err is human - To forgive is divine
Greeks be divine forgive me"



Release of Assyrian Father Yusuf Adbulut from the Turkish Regime.
He was arrested on October 6, 2000 and released on April 5, 2001. 
His trial of Dec. 21, 2000 was postponed to Feb. 22, 2001
and then postponed to April 5, 2001 when he was released.




Our letters of thanks and appreciation to Uruguay Parliament for being the first country to officially
and unanimously recognize the Armenian Genocide.
Spring 2000




Joined efforts directed to EURO PARLIAMENT to recognize the Armenian Genocide.
Spring 2000




Joined efforts directed to US CONGRESS to recognize the Armenian Genocide.
Spring 2000




Creation of Genocides List
August 12, 2000
Creation of a [an electronic] Forum for Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks (Hellenes).


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