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HEC is non-profit, non-political, electronic organization

Registration (click here to apply for HEC Membership)

You can be part of the HEC's family by Subscribing to our mailing lists (A), or registering as a volunteer (B) to work for HEC and our project. . Please select where you would like to register and follow the easy registration procedure steps.

A Subscribe to HEC-Network - The HEC Network is comprised of various mailing lists allowing to disseminate Hellenic information. By registering to HEC-Network, you will be getting no more than one e-mail a week with various announcements concerning Hellenism.
Current registered HEC-Network subscribers are over 100,000 individuals from around the world.

Subscribe to HELLENIC-PROFESSORS-PHDS - The HELLENIC-PROFESSORS-PHDS is a discussion Forum comprised of Professors, PhDs and Scholars.
Current registered HELLENIC-PROFESSORS-PHDS subscribers are over 5,000 individuals from around the world.

Subscribe to ACTION - The ACTION is an open to all discussion Forum.
Current registered ACTION subscribers are over 500 individuals from around the world.
B Register to HECHECs main objective is to provide free Electronic services (web-Hosting and mail system) to Hellenic non-profit associations, and working on projects focusing on Hellinsism, history, culture and education. In addition HEC provides technical know how for various Hellenic projects which promote Hellenism. You register for FREE Hosting or to VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME here if:
  1. You are an individual, an organization, or you would like to start a Hellenic project
  2. You would like HEC to provide hosting services to your organization
  3. You are computer savvy and like to help for our cause
  4. You would like to work on projects focusing on education and culture as: Parthenon Marbles, Romiosini, Poseidon, Olympics, Alexandria, etc

In addition, you could also volunteer to work on the Themis project, which is focusing and dealing with Hellenic issues with main objective to protect the Hellenic history, culture and heritage. In doing so, Themis volunteers regularly monitor the Press and/or the Net for historical inaccuracies and sensitizes Hellenes of the Diaspora.

  1. You are sensitive about Hellenic issues and you would like to be involved in supporting Hellenic interests
  2. You would like to work on issues related to UN and EU resolutions
  3. You would like to work on controversial subjects surrounding Hellenic heritage i.e. Macedonia, Cyprus, Turkey etc.

Note: All information submitted via the registration forms are confidential and used only internally.  HEC will never distribute anywhere any applicant information without the written permission of the applicant.

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