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Technical Department

The Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) is created as a non-profit, non-political organization, and as a major facility to disseminate information about Hellenism through Internet,

To suceed its mission HEC has enlisted the assistance of skillful and talented volunteers in the technical field from around the world. Using the Internet to communicate, these volunteers coordinate their efforts to collect, archive, and compile information about the HEC projects. They then use this information and their expertise to produce the HEC documents shown on the World Wide Web.

Currently, the folowing members comprise the Technical Dept. of HEC:

  • maniass@FREENET.TLH.FL.US Stelios Manias
  • Greek@GREEKS.NET Demetris Southerd
  • thanos@GRINET.COM Thanos Voudouris
  • rigos@GREECE.ORG Evangelos Rigos
  • rinoulla@HOTMAIL.COM Irena Rinoulla
  • kageorvi@MSN.COM Irena Kageorgis
  • annax@SHAW.CA Chris Theoharis
  • lalawless@WINGETS.CO.UK Anna Lawlesss
  • nickm@WORLDONLINE.CO.ZA Nick Michael

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