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Lausanne, 24th July 1923
You ask me about my impressions concerning the Treaty. How can I hide my deep grief when it came to signing the Treaty, which once and for all cancels the Serbs' Treaty? However, I signed feeling that I offer to my country. We were defeated and after the full diplomatic seclusion to which we ended through the policy that lead to the defeat, repetition of the war could lead to compete disaster for Greece. Through the wonderful reorganisation of the army which was achieved by the Revolution we managed to bring peace which allows to the nation to put an end to the war period and dedicate itself to internal reconstruction. If, by stopping the civil war and bringing back the normal function of the regime, we managed through free elections the election of a National Assembly which can give the country strong government , I believe that we can aspire to the future.

This was the beginning of the end...

The Treaty of Lausanne which was signed then offered the Turks the perfect chance to possess an important island, in terms of strategic location, since it literally connects the Hellispont and Aegean sea. It must be mentioned that the island was not handed over to the Turks just like that. The Treaty of Lausanne gave the Greeks the right to maintain the Greek and Orthodox tradition. However, the Turks violated one by one the terms of the treaty, forcing the Greeks, one by one, to leave and thus gaining access to their properties.....

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by Dimitris and Vasilis Karavasilis
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