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This web site consists of various letters and commentaries that seek to make known Hellenic interests and perspectives in various forums that discuss international affairs.
In light of the urgency regarding Hellenism today (Cyprus, the Aegean, Halki, Macedonia, Northern Epirus) it is important for a Hellenic viewpoint to be represented in the press.

The role and influence of the media is undeniable. Hellenism has been invisible in the media, and this has been detrimental to occupied Hellenic lands in Cyprus and Northern Epirus. It has been detrimental to Hellenic history as the general public in America and Europe remain unaware of the crimes that occurred in Asia Minor.
In the political climate of today, it is necessary for Hellenism to break into the media if the national issues of Greece and Cyprus are be successfully resolved.


An Alliance on the line
February 14, 2003
Turkish Foreign Policy - A La Turk
September 2002

The Legacy of New Rome, Constantinople
May 2002

"US should press Turkey on terrorism" (Boston Globe)
25 March 2002

The Case for Halki

Letter to the Editor (The Washington Times)
January 19, 2002

Forgotten Christians of the East (Orthodox Christian News Service)
September 16, 2001

Letter to the Governor of Alabama
August 2001

The Betrayal of Serbia. (The Hellenic Chronicle)
May 1999

Young Turks, old fears. Letters (The National Review)
January 25, 1999

NATO and Ethnic Cleansing: Broken Promises, Double Standards (The Reagan information interchange)
October 1999

US should restrain Turkey's generals. Letter to the Editor (The Financial Times)
October 16, 1998

Free For All. No Tears For Turkey. (The Washington Post)
May 16, 1998

Letter to Human Rights Watch about the status of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Greeks in Turkey. (Orthodox Christian News Service)



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