Modern Culture


Modern Culture

According to tradition the island has onechurch for each family. Each church has been named after a Saint who protects the family. On the name day of the Saint, the family gives a special reception with free food and wine for everyone who may be there. This reception is called "panigiris".

The island is almost dry and there are only very few springs on it. The Santorinians, in order to cover their daily needs, use rainwater which is collected in special cisterns during the winter. Every house has its own cistern. In order to clean the water they used to have leeches (vdeles) in the cisterns which absorbed viruses. Today they use chemicals. Furthermore the island is supplied, especially during summer time, with water by water-carrying ships.

Some years ago Santorini was a rather poor island. The earthquakes were a catastrophe for the economy. Even food was a problem. The island's main product was the famous little tomatoes of Santorini. As there wase no money to buy meat, the Santorinians cooked, instead of meatballs, tomato balls. You can get the " know how" for making "tomato balls" from our Cuisine page.

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