The Armored Cuiser AVEROF (official model), was ordered by the Greek Government in October 1909 by the great benefactor G. Averof, whose name she was given. Displacement 10,000 tons. Speed 23 knots. Armament 4x234 mm. guns in two twin turrets

After her delivery on 16th May 1911, she sailed to England to participate in the celebrations of the coronation of King George V. The AVEROF was the most glorious ship of modern Greek Naval History. She participated when the domination over the Aegean was decided, and provided decisive assistance to the the other allied fleets, at Constantinople (Instabul) and during the Asia Minor campaign at Raedestos and Callipolis. In 1925 she had a general overhaul and from 1941 until November 1942 based in Bombay, she was used for convoy escorting from the Indian Ocean back to Greece.

The Hellenic Maritime Museum
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