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We show our appreciation in the following letters

Congratulations! from Ted Laliotis, California, October 9th2002
Thank you from Vagelis Galinakis, Greece, October 10th2002
Armenian Descendants by Alex Simonian Ph.D, Texas, October 11th 2002
You Honor America by Dean Lomis Ph.D, Delaware, October 9th 2002
A Courageous Act by Michael Panayotuo, Texas, October 10th 2002
Truth and Justice from Anthony, London, UK, October 13th 2002
 Recognition of Truth Ourania Georgoulas, Canada, October 16th 2002
 Acknowledging the Facts by Ted Karakostas, USA, October 18th 2002
 I Would Like to Congratulate You Roberto Lopes, Brazil, October 19th 2002
 Children of the Assyrian survivors Thank Governor Pataki Dr. M. Beth Arsan November 11th 2002
 Compilation of Short Letters by Various, Part - I
 Compilation of Short Letters by Various, Part - II


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