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FIBA World Championship 2006 (in Japan)
Semifinal:   HELLAS 101 - USA 95
Final, Sunday 3Sep06, Hellas vs Spain (6:30am ET ESPN2)

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the XXVIII Olympiad to ATHENS
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The HELLAS Home Page started out in September of 1994 as a web counterpart of Hellas List discussion newsgroup. It may very well be the first Hellenic page on the internet. Its original goal was to make more people on the internet aware of the List's existence.
Since then, the HELLAS Home Page has evolved rapidly and surpassed our original goals. Our current goal is to inform not only people of Greek descent but to help everyone with access to the World Wide Web to find useful information about Greece.

HELLAS Home Page has been repeatedly mentioned in various magazines and newspapers in Greece, USA and elsewhere. Most recently was a winner in the Iway500 Culture and Society category wich focuses on sites with a strong sense of community, culture, and lifestyles of ethnic groups; Was selected as a Starting Point Choice for its exceptional presentation, and depth of content; Selected by Point Web Reviews in the Top 5% of all World Wide Web sites; Selected site_of_the_week and to appear in the goGREECE Internet guide to Greece; Selected by NetGuide magazine as a gold site! Has been chosen for the "Best of Europe" Award featured in the Europe Online Gateway to the Internet in the 'reference' section for Hellas; And just recently has been named an outstanding education-related site on the Web by the Education Index as a selected valuable resource site in the Ethnic and Cultural Studies section.

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Gateways to Greece, and other Hellenic pages.

The Greek Flag (colors & meaning)
The National Anthem: in Greek and English
An overview of Hellenism in the Middle Ages.
Constantinoupolis. The Historic City's past and present!
Byzantine Center for Hellenic Studies.
Hellenic American Culture Assoc. of Colorado

The Greek Cheese page! (This page uses [FRAMES], needs netscape 2.0+)

Connections to Daily News
(Greek Press - Web Sites with Greek Character set:

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Hellenic Communities Around the World
Washington DC, USA Greek Community in France GreekTown Toronto Canada
San Fransisco, USA Southen Highlands, Australia Greek Toronto On-Line
Montreal, Canada Stockholm, Sweden St. Nicholas community at
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
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Hellenic Student Associations & Societies

University Hellenic Study Centers

Pictures of Greece.
Our Tourist Page with pictures and travel info.
Hellenic Businesses Around the World.
The only WWW page
you will ever need.

NTUA's Home-Coming Greek Chat:

Cyprus related links:

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Learn the Facts about Imia.
Look at the Treaty.
See the MAP.
Be an active ambassador of our country! ACT NOW!.
Contribute to the monument in memory of the lost navy officers.
Other related links: [K. Papathanasiou] [ HOL] [ HRI] [ MFA]

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