A time for Greek pride

Happy 87th Birthday to Donald Duck!   But Mickey is rather angry right now. He needs everyone to participate in our effort!

Let's make it happen. Sign the Petition - Υπογραφή

We are counting on you,  and everyone with Greek pride to participate!

We started this effort 2 years ago, to bring a  “Greece Pavilion” in Disney World.  So far we have collected 2,600 signatures but we are targeting many many more. We are counting on you.
How?  There are over 15 million Greeks globally, and millions more Philhellenes.
So, let’s do it. Let our Philotimo shine.
Be supportive by signing the petition. It only takes one minute!

Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida is the most visited theme park in the world and currently has 11 countries in its World Showcase in EPCOT. Greece is not included! Do we need to remind everyone of Greece’s historical resume? Currently there are rumors swirling that Russia and Brazil will be starting petitions as well to get Disney Imagineers attention that their countries deserve pavilions. Space is limited to only 6 more pavilions. In the 1980’s Greece was in line for a pavilion but in true fashion, the Greeks dropped the ball.

So if you’re a fan of Walt Disney and are truly proud of your Greek heritage please go to www.greece.org/epcot and sign our petition and share it with your family and friends and let’s show our Greek pride! Let’s be the first country to band together and make a unified statement that the Greeks deserve a Pavilion in Disney World!

Thank You

Ευχαριστούμε! 🇬🇷

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