Thanos Voudouris is the founder and Director of the non profit organization Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC), the organization I Am Greece, and the president of technology business. Thanos and Lee Paschalopoulos are the leads of the Greece in EPCOT project

Thanos  was born in Athens, Greece and he has spent most his adult life in the United States. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences and &  M.Sc. in Information Technology Innovations & Management at University of Maryland. He is an independent Information Technology (IT) consultant with experience in enterprise and solution architecture both in Government and private sector, as well as in web-based applications and multimedia engagements.

Starting in early 1990s and the beginning of the Internet, Thanos collaborated with Hellenes around the world to establish a Greek cultural presence on the web.  He started one of the first Hellenic web pages; HELLAS. Soon thereafter,  co-founded the non-profit organization Hellenic Electronic Center.  In 1995, while was working at NASA, Thanos was invited by SAE to attend the first SAE meeting in Thessaloniki where he discussed and presented information and a roadmap for establishing worldwide communication of Hellenes via the Internet. Since the beginning of the Internet, he is working diligently in promoting the Hellenic culture and open the communications among Greeks worldwide.

His professional  projects that have been implemented in large IT environments, include:

These assignments and many other projects were consulting positions with Deloitte, Booz Allen, CSC, DXC, and other IT companies.