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Please note that these are draft ideas; therefore, comments, suggestions, new ideas and approaches are welcome.
The proposed topics are as follows:

A.   Items related to cultural values

  1. Social influences related to external factors as globalism and surge of immigration.
  2. Cultural items related to tradition (filotimo, filoxenia) versus the growing of materialism, laikismos, problems and recommendations for leveling of all values.
  3. Ethical items (corruption, bribing, rousfeti, vanity to get government posts), influence to economic growth, recommendations
  4. Philosophical themes, reunification of philosophy with sciences, scientific documentation of wrong and right, human error, virtue as a midway – variance) Recommendations on changes
  5. Education as to develop a healthy mind, a means to higher  productivity innovations, training to develop skills, change bad habits, recommendations.
  6. Self  and Society: Wisdom of the Ages; Greediness, Nihilism

     Strengthen relationships with Hellenism across the globe

  1. World Council of Hellenes Abroad (Συμβούλιο Απόδημου Ελληνισμού)
  2. Hellenistic Global Networking for Social, Cultural and Commercial promotions

B.   Topics directly related to the economy

B.1 Short term and long term Economic policies which help to increase public revenues increase economic growth decrease unemployment and approach the existing national and international duties in a responsible way

  1. Government, welfare and unemployment
  2. Government regulations: Banking and Commercial sector
  3. Mechanisms for product (including tourism) promotion/branding/marketing
  4. Economic growth based on the commercial shipping
  5. Competitiveness across international boundaries

B.2 Identification and better management of resources

  1. Sustainable Agriculture: development of high quality products, precision agriculture on terraces, marketing of quality products: Wines, Beers Olives and Olive Oil, Cheeses, Processed fruits (e.g. Figs, Apricots Preserves , Juices) and Vegetables( e.g., Dolmades, beans, …)
  2. Shipping
  3. Educational Services
  4. Forestry (develop a sustainable management scheme so that forest resources support families which maintain and protect the forest)
  5. Tourism (tourism and agriculture, culture and tradition, monuments)
  6. Tourism Vacationing, Summer Camps, Cultural and Educational teach-ins, transports, cruises festivals, religious tourism
  7. Renewable energy resources (sun, wind, geothermal energy, small dams, sea waves, biomass) – contribution to economic growth.
  8. Oil, gas and minerals, contribution to economic growth
  9. Intellectual resources, (Promotion of University and other research products and patterns, software)
  10. National Control of existing and evolving resources,

B.3 Changes in legislation to maintain checks and balances at all government levels within the state system and attract investors

  1. Constitutional changes (check and balances in the government structure, encourage private investments, promote excellence in education – asylon, private universities, conditional free of charge public education)

B.4 Create infrastructures

  1. Infrastructures and Environment Protection
  2. Regional and local planning and urban planning (zoning system) recommendations to accelerate existing processes
  3. Cadastre, recommendations to accelerate existing processes
  4. Coastal zone management
  5. Technical works (roads, ports/marines, Functional and Aesthetic Architecture of schools and Government buildings)
  6. Management systems of national heritage (electronic recording of  archaeological findings and monuments, virtual museums)
  7. Government Promotion of productivity enhancing  innovations

B.5 Strengthen relationships with diaspora and people of similar culture

  1. Leverage the wealth of talent and expertise of the Hellenes of diaspora
  2. Hellenistic Global Networking for Social, Cultural and Commercial promotions

B.6 Immigration

  1. Immigration and Emigration,
  2. Marriages and citizenship
  3. Retaining of Cultural values
  4. Diffusion of Cultures

B.7 National defense

  1. External and geopolitical threats
  2. Assessing correctly the destructive power of small groups
  3. Design of a Switzerland–like public defense system
  4. Support research to promote high technology to the defense system
  5. Defense against biases of history
  6. Commercial and Defensive Alliances ( Not Traditional and new allies)
  7. Mechanisms to support Research and development through the exploitation of  defense expenses.

B.8 Foreign policy

  1. Traditional and new allies,
  2. Promote Hellenism influence on global education and global civilization culture
  3. Foreign trade with new markets

B.9 Education and training

  1. Reconstruction of the Educational System so that it is supporting basic and continuing Professional Education.
  2. Structure of all levels of education to maintain excellence
  3. Promote talented people
  4. Promote Special Education
  5. Help individuals to be trained on subjects they like and at the same time there is demand for jobs
  6. Teach at basic school levels Hellenic culture, ancient Greek language, agriculture, geometry, philosophy, economy, ability to develop software, aesthetics, sports  and music
  7. Use the many highly academic Greeks to educate/ train many Greeks that currently migrate to USA, Germany, France, Italy, UK etc., as well as educating natives of other countries as it is done by European and USA universities and Technical schools. Education can boost the Greek Economy tremendously.
  8. Education can be used to improve the productivity of the Greek workforce, as well as broaden the minds of its citizenry.

B.10 Social Media

Take advantage of Social Media platforms and the Internet in general for:

  1. Raising awareness for things of importance
  2. Promoting businesses and culture
  3. Branding
  4. Education

B.11 Other

In each of the above fields there is a diversity of themes to be raised and discussed.

These are draft ideas; therefore, more ideas and better approaches are welcome.

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