Cultural Topics

By , October 22, 2018 6:25 pm

Items related to cultural values

  1. Social influences related to external factors as globalism and surge of immigration.
  2. Cultural items tradition (filotimo, filoxenia, materialism, laikismos, leveling of all values), problems and recommendations
  3. Ethical items (corruption, bribing, rousfeti, vanity to get government posts), influence to economic growth, recommendations
  4. Philosophical themes, reunification of philosophy with sciences, scientific documentation of wrong and right, human error, virtue as a midway – variance) Recommendations on changes
  5. Education as to develop a healthy mind, a means to higher  productivity innovations, training to develop skills, change bad habits, recommendations.
  6. Self  and Society: Wisdom of the Ages; Greediness, Nihilism

Strengthen relationships with Hellenism across the globe

  1. World Council of Hellenes Abroad (Συμβούλιο Απόδημου Ελληνισμού)
  2. Hellenistic Global Networking for Social, Cultural and Commercial promotions

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