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By , August 26, 2018 9:52 am

 Recommendations for Economic Growth of Greece

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to identify shortfalls and propose ways to help for a sustainable recovery, which will help Greece to overcome the economic crisis and move to a path of a lasting economic growth.

Scope: The Scope of this project is to use the knowledge and experience of academicians, scholars, professionals and members of the Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) to produce documented views on how economic growth can be achieved through changes and  increase of competitiveness and productivity. Although the title emphasizes economic growth, there are also other factors related to human evolution and globalization which ignites a series of other factors resulting to the economic crisis.

Participation: The Participation in the project is open to anyone who loves Hellenism and cares about Hellas. People from any field of expertise can participate and contribute to what is needed for Economic Growth of Hellas. We will try to formulate recommendations that promote what is common good, fair and will bring collective prosperity to all Hellenes. Individual contributions will be posted permanently on this HEC site:

Anyone can register for gaining the ability to post comments and recommendations. Contributors are encouraged to provide documented diverse views on what must be done for Hellas, in a series of topics which are listed below, and with the option to introduce more topics if necessary, or suggest modifications to the already proposed topics.

There is no time limit for such contributions. All documents will be considered by an editorial, committee who will organize the material to a proceedings volume accompanied by a summary report on what is needed for Economic Growth of Hellas; this will be submitted to the members and contributors of this project for consensus approval. This proceedings volume and summary report may be officially presented to the Hellenic authorities in a conference setting.


  1. This project should have no partisan/political substance.
  2. It should remain in absolute consulting framework on Economic Growth.
  3. All material here represent ideas in a draft form.
  4. Comments, suggestions, new ideas and approaches are welcomed.
  5. HEC is a non-political, non-partisan, not for profit organization.
  6. All HEC work is performed by 100% non-paid volunteers

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