Education & Training

By , August 27, 2011 6:58 am

Education and training

  1. Reconstruction of the Educational System so that it is supported
    basic and continuing Professional Education.
  2. Structure of all levels of education to maintain excellence
  3. Promote talented people
  4. Promote Special Education
  5. Help individuals to be trained on subjects they like and at the same time there is demand for jobs
  6. Teach at basic school levels Hellenic culture, ancient Greek language, agriculture, geometry, philosophy, economy, ability to develop software, aesthetics, sports  and music
  7. Use the many highly academic Greeks to educate/ train many Greeks that currently migrate toUSA,Germany,France,Italyand UK etc., as well as educating natives of other countries as it is done by European and USA universities and Technical schools. Education can boost the Greek Economy tremendously.

Education can be used to improve the productivity of the Greek work force, as well as broaden the minds of its citizenry.

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