Resource Management

By , August 27, 2011 6:46 am

Identification and better management of resources

  1. Sustainable Agriculture: development of high quality products, precision agriculture on terraces, marketing of quality products: Wines, Beers Olives and Olive Oil, Cheeses, Processed fruits (e.g. Figs, Apricots Preserves , Juices) and Vegetables( e.g., Dolmades, beans, …)
  2. Shipping
  3. Educational Services
  4. Forestry (develop a sustainable management scheme so that forest resources support families which maintain and protect the forest)
  5. Tourism (tourism and agriculture, culture and tradition, monuments)
  6. Tourism Vacationing, Summer Camps, Cultural and Educational teach-ins, transports, cruises festivals, religious tourismĀ 
  7. Renewable energy resources (sun, wind, geothermal energy, small dams, sea waves, biomass) – contribution to economic growth.
  8. Oil, gas and minerals, contribution to economic growth
  9. Intellectual resources, (Promotion of University and other research products and patterns, software)

National Control of existing and evolving resources.

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