The Hellenic Electronic Center operates under the leadership of the Executive Council (EC) Board members:

  • Thanos Voudouris – Director, USA
  • Anna Lawless – Director, UK
  • Eleni Bomis, Canada
  • Gus Stamatis, Greece
  • Stelios Manias, USA
  • Nico Michael, South Africa
  • Mario Chinas, Cyprus

HEC Board Meetings are held via the Internet*  the 2nd Saturday every month at noon EST (-3 PDT, +5 UK, +67SA, +7 GR & CY)
The outcome of the Meeting is binding and final


Meeting: 12-Mar-2022 12:00 PM – 01:30 PM EDT

  • Open agenda

Participants: Thanos Voudouris, Stelios Manias, Nico Michael, Eleni Bomis
Offline: Gus Stamatis, Mario Chinas, Anna Lawless

Meeting Minutes

  1. Nico proposed for all of us to try participating in every monthly meetings. He requested Username/pwd for the WP site. The meeting should be hosted in rotation with the people who can hosted.
  2. Agreed to set up a workshop online training for WP publishing.
  3. We must be more active. I proposed to write at least one article each week and publish it on the website, then post it on fb.
  • The article should be something about a current event or some cultural or historical subject.
  • Article title should be proposed and written on the schedule
  1. We agreed to setup a schedule for each one of us in writing the article.
  • At least one image should be included.

Action Items

  • Thanos – schedule for articles
  • Thanos, Anna, Gus – Arrange WP workshop
  • Gus – Create a WP account for all members of EC