This is a manuscript (177 pages, dated: 1946) and a translation made by Hellenic Electronic Center documenting accounts of damages, destruction, and thefts to Greek antiquities by the occupied forces during WWII.

Manuscript sample page

Over the course of many months, more than 30 HEC volunteers worked to retype and translate this original manuscript, written in “proper” (καθαρεύουσα) Greek in 1946. See credits at the end of the document.

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The manuscript (see it below), it documents eyewitness accounts of the damage, destruction, theft, illegal excavation, seizure, exportation, and depredation of antiquities by the occupied forces from locations all over Greece. This documentation effort was commenced at the command of the Ministry on 15 February 1943 and completed in 1946.

When the manuscript came to our attention we felt that it is an artifact by itself that needs to be readily available to wide public. However the condition of the original text was poor and difficult to read. To preserve the document in today’s media formats and make it available, volunteers worked for several months retyping the manuscript and also translating it into English language.

The effort stemmed from the HEC project on German Reparations to Greece, which is to raise awareness of events during the WWII and collect signatures for the forced “Occupation Loan”. See:

We thank the Ministry of Education for bringing this document to our attention and the many volunteers who worked in this effort.

Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC)
Ελληνικό Ηλεκτρονικό Κέντρο (EHK)

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Article by Thanos Voudouris