List of Tasks

1. Wikipedia – Swap the main title with a redirected page.
When you click on the link above you will go to the actual “Parthenon Marbles” page, which shows the “redirect” link. Click on the “Discussion tab”.
I have started another discussion to intitiate the proposed move:

The current title “Parthenon Marbles” is being redirected to main title “Elgin Marbles”. It should be the other way around. The title of the main page should be “Parthenon Marbles” and “Elgin Marbles” should be redirected to main “Parthenon Marbles” page. However, there is so much controversy for the Marbles, that even a requested “move” that was initiated under the “Elgin Marbles” heading to change the name did not get a consensus. The proposed alternatives are to either: a) Include both names on the title. For example “Parthenon Marbles or Elgin Marbles”, “Parthenon Marbles – Elgin Marbles”. b) Keep both titles pages with no redirect, and use the same content for both pages. A short explanation on top of the page should acknowledge the dual heading. I am sure this is technically possible. –Thanos7v (talk) 03:21, 22 April 2010 (UTC)

2. English Dictionaries – Initiate actions to include/add the word “elginism” as defined in the Urban Dictionary.