by Thanos Voudouris

Set the Record Straight (SRS)

This is a project for identifying published wrong information and contacting the source for correction.

Recent corrections:

In references related to the Balkan country (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia – FYROM), and  as of February 2019 officially the Republic of North Macedonia, which is bordering northern Greece:

Setting the record straight on the naming is very important for historical correctness and controlling misinformation.
The country’s name is “North Macedonia”, while “Macedonia” is in Greece and it is a region in Greece since the antiquity. The two ancient Macedonian capitals,  Aigai or Vergina (Βεργίνα) 808-399 BC and Pella (Πέλλα) 399-168 BC are located in the Macedonia region of northern Greece.

Sources contacted so far for correction: