Are you a Hellene living Abroad? Do you want help to find a job in Greece?

We have stumbled upon an initiative that aims to achieve just that!

BrainReGain ( is a non-profit initiative that seeks to create communication channels between Greek scientists and professionals abroad and the Greek business community, with the aim of transforming ‘brain drain’ into ‘brain gain’, by facilitating  the ‘return’ of the generation of ‘brain drainers’ to Greece.

As they state on their webpage (translated from Greek)  “We created the online platform BrainGain JOBS in Greece for the promotion of high level positions, to attract Greeks from abroad. On the platform, Greek companies post for free jobs as well as the incentives for the repatriation of Greeks from the Diaspora.”

Furthermore, their web page informs us that the initiative comes from the merger of the Brain Regain and Brain Gain initiatives and is supported by the non-profit Hellenic Roots Association. “The association was founded in 2010 with the vision of cultivating and strengthening the relations between Greece and the Hellenism of the Diaspora.” “BrainReGain draws its strength from the strong alliance consisting of Greek scientists and professionals abroad, leading Greek companies and the high-ranking executives of these companies.”

You can find more information on who they are at: