Following the signing of a memorandum with the Greek government in 2020, the Greek state investment and trade promotion agency and the German manufacturer of electric vehicles Next.e.GO Mobile SE agreed on an “in principle collaboration” for the implementation of a full-scale manufacturing facility of electric cars in Greece. Next.e.GO Mobile SE is a German manufacturer of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility systems based in Aachen, Germany.

The car manufacturer has now announced that its new model, the e.wave X, will be manufactured in Greece.  The e-wave X was officially unveiled in Berlin on May 6th, at a public launch event.

Described as an upgraded electric small car intended for city use, the purchase price starts from 25,000 Euros.  The manufacturer has already started accepting reservations, although it has yet to enter production, with delivery of the first cars expected within a year.

The production of the car in Greece is expected to create jobs and spur further investment and innovation in the Greek motor vehicle industry.