Buy Greek & Boycott Turkish Products and Services

Several recent events of oppression and aggression by the turkish regime have triggered calls for the boycott of turkish products and services. The Turkish actions were the unilateral conversion of Hagia Sophia from museum to a mosque and their aggression in the Aegean Sea for sea territorial claims of Turkey against Greece and Cyprus.

By July 27th of this year, Greece first called for a boycott on all Turkish products identified with the bar code 868 and 869. This action was taken at the time when Turkey unilaterally breached its commitment to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO – see statement) and declared Hagia Sophia to be converted to a mosque.

Hence, business leaders in Saudi Arabia called for a boycott of Turkish products over tensions on their respective foreign policies. The Saudi call for boycott Turkish products gained momentum in the past month resulting in Turkish products to be replaced by Greek, Egyptian and Moroccan products and in the added boycott of all services and tourism.

Breaking news reports tell of Morocco joining in the boycott of Turkish products. The call by Greece is intended to have Turkey become a responsible party to all conventions and to adhere to practices and policies which serve the rule of law and stability in the region.

Boycott Turkish Products and Services

Do NOT buy products with barcodes starting with 868 and 869 and avoid using Turkish services

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From the impeccable Greek honey, to fresh oranges and other fruits and vegetables to meats and to countless other products and services, Greek producers and companies provide for your first choice in selections.

READ the labels, pay attention, and buy “Made in Greece” or “Product of Greece”.  See also Boycott Turkish Products & Services.
Please note, GS1 official country UPC codes
520–521 🇬🇷 Greece
529 🇨🇾 Cyprus

Orange grove and orange images courtesy of Honestly Good Greek oranges from Agrinio.

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