Research from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, dept. of Agriculture proves the beneficial action of Greek honey in the human body. Forty eight different samples of honey were collected from all over Greece and from all types of flowers for the research, but no one expected that the produced honey composition to be hiding so many properties, which are far better than many other honeys. The findings revealed that the Greek honey has far more nutrients and more health benefits than many other honeys from abroad such the Manuka honey!

The following video produced by the Greek Reporter provides good insides about the Greek honey.

Dimitris Papapostolou, whose great-grandfather started harvesting honey in Northern Evia more than a hundred years ago, notes that “…all countries produce good natural honey, but they are inferior to Greek honey.”

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Contributors: Thanos Voudouris, Kyriacos Kaye
Video production: GreekReporter
Asterios – Greek Honey, the best in the world
Melefsis – Greek Honey Vs. Manuka
Epimelos – Greek Honey
Aristotle U. of Thessaloniki reserch papers by Crysoula Tananaki