Parthenon Marbles

Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) For the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles

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British Museum, make it right. Give Them Back! Just walking up the steps of Propylaea…you are in awe! The great entrance…passing through the massive columns of Propyleae… In early 1800s, Elgin the vandal…hacked and decapitated…the most renowned building in the world… The Temple of Goddess Athena! …She Wants Them Back! The Marble Sculptures belong to […]

The Parthenon has always been the soul of Greece “There’s little doubt that the Greeks became the corner stone of the edifice of the West. Their philosophy, science, technology, political theory, democracy, art, dramatic theater, architecture, literature, athletics and mythology gave rise to Western culture, a living and aspiring way of life for much of […]

The lucky ones visiting the Acropolis this summer, will see the Parthenon without the ugly scaffolding. The equipment are being dismantled from the north side and the work reveals the middle eight columns (from 4th to 11th). Also removed the cement and rusted iron from past operations. Six marble metopes from the north side are […]

The questioning about where the Parthenon Marbles belong, has started as far back as 120 years ago. It is worth reading the original text by Constantine Cavafy written in 1891.

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